Short on Exercise? Science Says 7 Minutes Is All it Takes

Scientists are now saying that training in short, intense intervals to your capacity is equal to long stamina training—and it takes a lot less time. This is great news for people who want to stay fit and strong, yet find it hard to prioritize exercise in their busy lifestyle.

Simple squats build muscle strength and are harder than they appear(Image:Rick Desi/Youtube Screenshot)

Simple squats build muscle strength, and are harder than they appear. (Image: Rick Desi/Youtube Screenshot)

Imagine that in just a few minutes a day you could equal a long jog and a visit to the weight room. This smart 7-minute workout, created by Brett Kilka and Chris Jordan, combines both a cardio and resistance workout in a round of simple exercises, where you use only a chair, a wall, and yourself. No need for fancy sport equipment; you can do this in the office on your lunch break, or at home.

This science proven 7 minute workout needs only simple equipment- a chair (Image:Rick Desi/Youtube Screenshot)

This science-proven 7-minute workout needs only simple equipment—a chair. (Image: Rick Desi/Youtube Screenshot)

Of course, whatever the idea, there will always be critics who claim this routine in not complete. But to be fair, “some” exercise is better than “none.”

On a daily level, 7 minutes is achievable, both mentally and physically, making this 7 minutes well spent.

If you want to do specialized training on particular areas of fitness and strength, you can do extra when you have the time. For everyone else, this workout ticks most, if not all, the boxes.

Benefits of short interval training

  • It takes less time out of your day.
  • Boosts your metabolism.
  • Controls weight gain.
  • Adds to your longevity when done regularly.
  • Helps manage stress.
  • Burns more calories in a shorter amount of time.
  • Pushes your heart into the anaerobic zone for improving your fitness.
  • Both short interval and weight training helps you lose fat, not muscle.
  • Use your own body weight, no equipment, no excuses—you can start today!

If you suffer from heart problems, or other health problems, consult your doctor before trying this “intense” style of exercise. A slower, gentler paced exercise may be more suitable.

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