John Farnham, Jimmy Barnes: ‘Don’t Use Our Songs at ‘Reclaim Australia’ Rallies’

Jimmy Barnes
Jimmy Barnes was first to insist 'Reclaim Australia' not use his songs at their rallies. (Image: Flickr/JamesDPhotography")

Australian rock legends John Farnham and Jimmy Barnes have insisted the group “Reclaim Australia” no longer use their songs at their rallies, or in YouTube videos.

Farnham’s manager, Glenn Wheatley, said:

John and I seriously oppose the use of John’s song at the rallies.

“It no way reflects our support in any way. There are other means to conduct protests. Just don’t use our song or Jimmy Barnes’ or Lee Kernaghans.’” wrote: Wheatley has successfully pulled videos from YouTube where You’re the Voice was used to soundtrack ISIS footage.

Wheatley went on to say: “The use was disgusting as it showed the decapitation of those poor souls who lost their lives. It was absolutely sickening to see those images to the entire song of You’re the Voice.”

Jimmy Barnes was first to speak out by posting this request on his Facebook page:

Barnes no longer wants his songs to be used at 'Reclaim Australia' rallies. (Screenshot/Facebook.)

Barnes no longer wants his songs to be used at ‘Reclaim Australia’ rallies. (Screenshot/Facebook.)

However, Barnes’ comment did attract abuse from an affiliated group of anti-Islamic protesters who said he had “just showed the world and every Australian who grew up loving your music that you are nothing but a political correct; fold at your knees, idiot,” reported The Sydney Morning Herald.

Barnes’s son was very proud of his dad and tweeted this:

Reclaim Australia responded to Barnes’s request, saying: “You have mistakenly believed incorrect news reports that Reclaim Australia is a racist group. This is not true… Inevitably at our rallies we unfortunately have some fanatics, and we have tried our best to have them removed. We are and will continue to support you privately as you are an Aussie Icon; however, if it’s your wish, we will no longer play your songs at our rallies.”


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