They’re Saying This Is the Funniest Cat Video? But Which Is Better, English or French?

Watch these two cats playing patty-cake. (Screenshot/YouTube)
Watch these two cats playing patty-cake. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Two cats too lazy to actually fight end up looking like they’re playing a friendly game of patty-cake.

This cat video was begging for some anthropomorphic treatment—Youtubers delivered.

The cats now sound like two weird men cats playing patty-cake. In the American version, things get pretty dramatic, and turn bitter. The cat on the right is over it, but the other cat is obsessed. “It’s never over!”

Usually, it would be pretty hard to compare American humor with French humor, unless you can speak both languages. But here’s the perfect chance. A back-to-back, YouTube talking animals showdown.

Watch the man-cats playing “Patty-cake, patty-cake, baker’s man,” in English.

American humor style

Now watch it in French, “Dansons la capucini.” The cats’ personalities change along with the game-song. These guys are more chilled out, and have more of a big brother-little brother relationship. More cute, less crazy.

French humor style

Which one is funnier? Vote in the comments.

I’m voting American, for the “Oh, hello creeper,” line. That’s what they think of us, I know it.

What to do with a YouTube hit?

Do you know what is really cool? The two guys that made the first voice-over just did it for some friends in a church group. They were so surprised when it hit one million views (it has over 20 million now!) that they made this follow-up video using the moment of notoriety for a good cause, asking people to donate to Living Water, a non-profit that digs hand-pump wells for villages in impoverished countries.

“UPDATE: We did end up montizing the video. However, we are still using all proceeds for the impoverished, the thirsty, and the orphaned. Check out Living Water at”

Who are the cats?

The original clip, posted by hkbecky on YouTube, is really cute. She said they play this game regularly, and that they stop when they think she is watching.

“Looks like my two cats Goo and Yat Jai are playing patty-cake or Wing Chun Sticky hands! They do this all the time and I finally caught it on video. When they realize I’m filming, they stop and then resume when they think I’m not looking. Cheeky cats.”

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