Leonardo DiCaprio Raises Millions at Gala For Environment

Leonardo DiCaprio raised millions at his Gala. (Screenshot/YouTube.)
Leonardo DiCaprio raised millions at his Gala. (Screenshot/YouTube.)

Leonardo DiCaprio is charging on in his quest to preserve and protect the environment and animals.

At the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation’s second annual fundraising gala on Wednesday, he raised over $40 million.

The Mirror wrote: “His star-studded gala featured a live auction of fine art, luxury items and one-off experiences to raise money and beat last year’s total of $25 million.”

The event, which took place in St. Tropez, was jam-packed with famous faces, including Kate Hudson, Naomi Campbell, and Orlando Bloom, who rallied around to support an issue close to Leo’s heart.

DiCaprio raises $40 million at gala:

The Daily Mail wrote: “Giving an impassioned speech to the elite crowd assembled at the Domaine Bertaud Belieu, Leonardo declared: ‘Tonight’s event is about supporting LDF’s efforts to protect key species like the tiger, rhino, shark, and mountain gorilla by working with governments to conserve the jungles, coral reefs, and forests they call home.”

‘By focusing on protecting these critically-endangered iconic species is almost like setting up a worldwide network of Noah’s arks.’

DiCaprio has also donated $15 million of his own money in grants to various environmental groups.

It’s great to see him so passionate about preserving the environment and doing all he can to help.

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