Check Out a Young Michael Jordan’s Crazy Skills and Body Control

Check out this footage of a young Michael Jordan. (Screenshot/YouTube)
Check out this footage of a young Michael Jordan. (Screenshot/YouTube)

When I think of basketball, Michael Jordan is the name that comes straight to my mind, with him flying through the air and slam dunking.

But Jordan was more than just slam dunks; the way he controlled his body and contorted it was something that made him a legend of the game.

Uproxx writes: “His ability to contort, twist, and manipulate his body through and around contact is absolutely jaw-dropping, and arguably the most underrated factor in his status as the best player ever.”

What do you remember about Jordan? The fadeaway. The hang-time. The maniacal competitiveness. The wholesale skill.

“An entire generation of current NBA fans missed the first half of Jordan’s career, when he was a lithe, 6’6″ jitterbug capable of shaking defenders on the court and in the air.”

Watch this video of a young Michael Jordan:

NBA History writes: “However, his impact is far greater than awards and championships. He burst into the league as a rookie sensation scoring in droves with an unmatchable first step and acrobatic drives and dunks, and concluded his career as a cultural icon. Along the way, he became a true champion who spearheaded the globalization of the NBA with his dynamic on-court abilities and personal sense of style that was marketed to the masses.

“He was an accessible star who managed to maintain an air of mystique. He was visible as ‘Air Jordan,’ as part of a sneaker advertising campaign and endorsing other products as well as the star of the movie Space Jam. However, he would vanish into retirement twice only to return until hanging up the sneakers for the last time after the 2002-03 season.”

Michael Jordan is no doubt a basketball legend.

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