Listen to What a Pedophile Really Thinks in a ’60 Minutes’ Interview

Paedophile advocate Tom O’Carroll, believes that “if pedophile’s were just left alone to have sex with kids everything would be fine because children can consent to sexual relations.”
Paedophile advocate Tom O’Carroll, believes that “if pedophile’s were just left alone to have sex with kids everything would be fine because children can consent to sexual relations.” (Screenshot/YouTube)

Reporter Ross Coulthart from 60 Minutes has opened the lid on a scandal that has and should rock not only the U.K, but every parent and decent person alive. Allegations were made of a highly organized pedophile ring that involves MPs, Lords, and secret service officers from the UK.

Coulthart told before the program aired: “I don’t think I have ever seen an unrepentant pedophile speaking candidly about their beliefs and their lusts before; it really is very confronting because you realize in their own minds they genuinely believe that what they are doing is not wrong.”

Scotland Yard pedophile ring cover-up under investigation:

Pedophile advocate Tom O’Carroll argues that the “trauma that children suffer when they have sex with adults is not caused by having sex with adults.” Instead, he says that it is caused by all the fuss that is made by the responsible people like the police, parents, and by government agencies. He also believes that “if pedophile’s were just left alone to have sex with kids, everything would be fine because children can consent to sexual relations.”

All I have in response to him is, well Mr. O’Carroll, what you see as consent may just be “fear” and “not having a full understanding of what is happening.”

As far as his understanding of the trauma and suffering one may go through after being abused, all I can say, from experience, is that the “fuss” is caused by the pedophile. I never said anything to anyone about what happened to me until only a few years ago, and although I have no issues with it now, I had a hard time dealing with what had happened. It was only through finding a meditation practice that I was able to deal with the shame I felt.

Coulthart went on to say: “It’s a huge dilemma for us as parents and as citizens. How do we deal with people like this? When you meet one face-to-face defending his beliefs, arguing that’s perfectly reasonable for children to be allowed to consent to have sex with adults, you realize that children have to be protected from people like that.”

The 60 Minutes team traveled to London to interview victims, witnesses, as well as British police officers who told the program they were told to drop their inquiries against high-profile figures, such as former Labour MP Lord Greville Janner. One of the glaring allegations to surface in recent weeks is that the U.K. Crown Prosecution Service admitted that it had enough evidence to charge Lord Janner with sex crimes against boys three times over the last 25 years. He has always denied the allegations. However, it is unlikely that Lord Janner, 86, who suffers from dementia, will ever face court, The Scottish Independence wrote.

60 Minutes Special Investigation—Spies, Lords, and Predators

There have been no less then 10 current and former MPs accused, and then there are all the subsequent cover-ups.

Now, there is a parliamentary inquiry, yet we are seeing nothing in the British news.

“I have been gob-smacked that this has not been a front page daily news scandal,” Mr. Coulthart said. “One of the reasons why we decided to do this story was because we couldn’t believe that so much of the English media wasn’t. I think to a large degree a large percentage of the British media has been complicit in covering it up.

“There’s been stories we’ve been told about of stories being pulled from the media. It is the very worst tradition of British establishment political corruption. The institutions of state have been corrupted in order to protect the rich and powerful,” he added.

Police probing an alleged VIP pedophile ring are examining its links to a number of suspected murders. Scotland Yard announced yesterday it is investigating a “possible homicide” more than 30 years ago centering on a block of luxury flats long popular with MPs. The explosive allegation could even extend to a series of murders related to child sex abuse “parties” involving senior politicians, spy chiefs, and prominent military and legal figures, The Daily Mail wrote.

In the interview with O’Carroll, he admits that he would have liked the law to have been changed to the age of consent to 4 years old. As that was too complicated, he said he would like the age of consent to be 10 years of age now. He also believes that there is nothing wrong with pedophilia.

My question to society is, when is enough, enough? At what point do we stand up and protect our children? How far are we willing to let society fall? And will we let things go that far that it will be OK for people like O’Carroll to do the things they like?

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