Happy 75th Birthday to That Wascally Wabbit Bugs Bunny

Happy Birthday Bugs Bunny. (Screenshot/YouTube)
Happy Birthday Bugs Bunny. (Screenshot/YouTube)

July 27 marked the birth of that wascally wabbit we all know as Bugs Bunny.

Most of us grew up with the catch phrase ‘Ehhhh… what’s up doc?,’ and we all loved it.

Bugs Bunny first appeared in 1938 with the always popular Porky Pig, but it wasn’t until 1940 in the cartoon A Wild Hare did he truly hit the screens as Bugs Bunny. This is when he started to wear his signature white gloves and where the catch phrase “Ehhhh….what’s up doc?” started.

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A Wild Hare was directed by Fred “Tex” Avery, and this is where Bugs Bunny really started his career. But even then, he still had no name; it wasn’t until the next short Elmer’s Pet Rabbit, which was directed by the great Chuck Jones, where he was given the name “Bugs Bunny.”

Between 1940 and 1964, which was the Golden Age of Warner Bros short animation, Bugs appeared in over 160 cartoons, and became the most popular of the Looney Tunes characters.

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“And why has he proven so popular? Why could they basically put him up against every other character and have it work? It’s because he’s sort of the perfect everyman who can overtake the enemy. He’s the underdog with the ability to fight back. He never starts the problems, but he’s the one who’ll finish them, usually with his trademark ‘this means war’ mantra,” according to Nerdist.

“There are few cartoon characters as well-known or as beloved as Bugs Bunny, and he’s indelible because he’s so consistent. He’s got the carrot, he’s got the New York accent thanks to Mel Blanc, he’s got the mixture of victim and aggressor, and he almost always comes out ahead. He’s who we’d kind of all like to be, much more than Mickey Mouse or Tom & Jerry,” Nerdist added.


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