What to Do? Escaped Monkey Shows Up in Town, Steals Kitten, and Raises It

This escaped monkey has stolen a kitten and is raising it. (Image: Gzdaily.dayoo.com)
This escaped monkey has stolen a kitten and is raising it. (Image: Gzdaily.dayoo.com)

A community in Guangzhou City has a new icon—a bold monkey that holds a kitten in his arms, and has been touring around the neighborhood for the past month.

A local resident was taking photos of the monkey when he was having a dinner. (Image: Gzdaily.dayoo.com)

Local resident takes photos of the monkey while he is having dinner. (Image: Gzdaily.dayoo.com)

The monkey showed up in this neighborhood with an iron chain on his neck. Local residents have no idea where it came from, or whether it escaped or was abandoned.

At first, the monkey still had some fear of the local cats and dogs. Gradually, he became more bold, stealing people’s fruit and robbing food from people’s pets.

The monkey wandered around the community, looking for the nice food or cool gadget. (Image:

The monkey wanders around the community looking for nice food or cool gadgets. (Image: Gzdaily.dayoo.com)

The monkey even “adopted” a little kitten, which he stole from a local cat, according to Guangzhou Daily. The mother cat has fought with the monkey several times, but can’t get the kitten back.

Local residents often see the monkey wandering the neighborhood holding the kitten in his arms.

Monkey and the kitten. (Image:

Monkey and his baby kitten. (Image: Gzdaily.dayoo.com)

The local residents have mixed feelings toward the monkey. They love him because he is a funny monkey, and they also feel sorry for the poor little creature. When the monkey showed up one month ago, he was chubby and strong. One month later, he’s much thinner after being shelterless and scavenging for food. The kitten he’s raising also looks weak. So the local residents often give him food.

The local residents often feeds the monkey with food. (Image:

Local residents often feed the monkey, feeling sorry for him and his little starving kitten. (Image:Gzdaily.dayoo.com)

On the other hand, residents worry that the monkey is still wild, and that he may attack or scare children. Residents have to keep their windows shut all the time ever since the monkey came. Also, they worry the monkey might be caught and hurt by someone, so they hope the monkey can be sent to live in a natural habitat by the animal protection center.

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