War or Diplomacy? Morgan Freeman and Jack Black Support Obama’s Iran Deal

For a moment, I thought the above video was a mere parody on world politics.

With Hollywood actors Jack Black, Morgan Freeman, Iranian-American Farshad Farahat, and Natasha Lyonne hamming it up, it begins like something from Saturday Night Live until it gets serious.

That’s when Queen Noor Al Hussein of Jordan, former Ambassador Thomas Pickering, and once C.I.A operative Valerie Plame Wilson join in. Then it becomes about why they think President Barack Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran is the way forward.

Reached early July, the agreement seeks to prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon for at least a decade, and it allows for inspections of Iranian facilities in exchange for relieving sanctions, reports The Guardian.

The problem that supporters of the agreement face is that it may be rejected by Congress.

“Look, if it is true that Congress sabotages this deal, there will be nothing stopping Iran getting the bomb,” says former Ambassador Pickering in the video. “That would likely spark an arms race throughout the region.”

Opponents of President Obama’s agreement say it is appeasing Iran’s mullahs, and according to a new CNN/ORC poll, the majority of Americans want Congress to reject it.

But as Morgan Freeman says: “The agreement currently on the table is the best way to ensure Iran doesn’t build a (beep) nuclear bomb.”

The video was produced by Global Zero, a non-partisan atomic disarmament organization.

For more views on the Iran deal from those in the video, see below:


Thomas Pickering, former U.S. ambassador. (Screenshot/YouTube)

“It’s an impressive agreement. A dramatic restriction on uranium enrichment and a complete shutdown of the plutonium route, strict limitations on research and development, and major cuts in centrifuges—all backed by robust inspection and verification.” Thomas Pickering, former U.S. Under Secretary of State and ambassador to Israel, Jordan, Russia, and the United Nations

Iranian-American actor Farshad Farahat. (Image:Screenshot/YouTube)

Iranian-American actor Farshad Farahat. (Screenshot/YouTube)

“I grew up in Iran and experienced the horrors of WMDs during the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s. I know first-hand there are some weapons that are too dangerous for any country to have, and this deal will prevent a dangerous nuclear arms race in the region. The agreement with Iran effectively resolves a very specific dispute, but it also opens the door to increased dialogue and understanding between the American and Iranian peoples. The only sane response to that is celebration.” Iranian-American actor Farshad Farahat

Former CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson. (Image: Screenshot/YouTube)

Former CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson. (Screenshot/YouTube)

“Critics of the agreement offer zero alternatives that can match the impact this deal will have on the Iranian nuclear program. There are no ‘better deals’ to be made. Calls for military action are reckless and short-sighted. A conflict with Iran would only set them back a year or two—and would almost certainly incentivize them to pursue the bomb at breakneck pace. We need inspectors on the ground, not boots on the ground.” Valerie Plame, a former covert CIA operative for nuclear non-proliferation

Queen Noor Al Hussein of Jordan. (Image: Screenshot/YouTube)

Queen Noor al-Hussein of Jordan. (Screenshot/YouTube)

“People need to know that this robust international agreement has the strong support of long-time U.S. allies—including the European Union, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, all of whom sat at the negotiating table—as well as countries in the Middle East. It also has the full backing of the United Nations Security Council. We must not be fooled by a vocal minority of hard-liners seeking to undermine a peaceful resolution to this critical issue.” Her Majesty Queen Noor al-Hussein of Jordan


Another one of Global Zero’s videos is below, which is laden with even more Hollywood stars, such as Matt Damon, Robert De Niro, Naomi Watts, and Christoph Waltz:

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