Surviving the Burning Sun—Shade, Asian Style (Funny Photos)


2015 has given us another crazy summer. A heat wave has swept across east Asia. The road surface is a natural hot pan—the sun can serve you breakfast if you throw eggs and ham onto the road.

Inspired by things they find in everyday life, Asian people come up with so many cheap and funny DIY ideas to get some shade.

Let’s take a look.


Trees are the age old way of getting shade… but this is a new way to do it. (Image:


Trees are the age old way of getting shade…but this is a new way to do it. (Image:

#1: Tree branch

Pros: Easy to get; free; light-weight; environmentally friendly, and easily disposable.

Cons: Probably only one use; limited coverage; it looks lame…


This hat might catch a breeze, he could use it as a sail too. (Image:

#2: Giant straw hat

Pros: Wide coverage; durable; could share it with a friend; has other uses, like a rug for the floor.

Cons: Blocks the side view; style-wise, it’s not working for him.


Cardboard sun visor—why would any pay for a regular one? (Image:


Family cardboard sun visor. That’s next level design. Basically, it’s turned the scooter into a car.  (Image:

#3: Cardboard box sun visors

Pros: Recyclable and environmentally friendly; many DIY design possibilities; light and handy; available for multiple users, turns a motorbike into a car, boom.

Cons: Not durable; limited coverage; looks like a halloween costume; not recommended for adults.


#4: Bed sheet… or table cloth

Pros: Covers entire body except feet; light; breezy; readily available; literally no construction necessary or DIY expertise.

Cons: Risk of catching sheet in bike chain, wheel, or passing traffic; no face shade; looks insane.


Fabulous lotus leaf shade apparel. (Image:

#5: Lotus leaf outfit

Pros: All natural; smells good; flexible DIY choices; makes you look like a cool character from the Monkey King; may attract pond fairies.

Cons: Not durable; one time use; hard to attach to the body; may attract frogs.


Protect your skin at ALL COSTS! (Image:

#6: Bee keeper’s outfit

Pros: Fullest coverage possible; durable.

Cons: Sweaty; looks like creepy stalker.

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