This Panda Fakes Pregnancy to Get Her Own Air-Conditioned Room

Panda Yuan Yuan and her  baby daughter Yuan Zai. (Image:
Panda Yuan Yuan and her baby daughter Yuan Zai. (Image:

Summer keeps on burning in most parts of Asia. People use umbrellas to avoid the hot sun, go swimming whenever possible, and stay indoors, with an air conditioner if they are lucky. A female panda in Taiwan came up with a clever idea to get her own air-conditioner: faking pregnancy.

Yuan Yuan received a icy cake for her sixth birthday. (Image:

Yuan Yuan received an icy cake for her sixth birthday. (Image:

Yuan Yuan was enjoying the icy birthday cake. (Image:

Yuan Yuan enjoying the icy birthday cake. (Image:

In July of 2013, Yuan Yuan gave birth to a baby panda, Yuan Zai. When Yuan Yuan was pregnant, she was given the best of care 24/7 by the Taipei Zoo, including having her own deluxe, air-conditioned, single room. Yuan Yuan must have a deep impression of the VIP service she got that summer.

Yuan Yuan and the panda cub Yuan Zai. (Image:

Yuan Yuan and the panda cub Yuan Zai. (Image:

Yuan Yuan and the baby panda were eating bamboos together. (Image:

Yuan Yuan and the baby panda eating bamboo together. (Image:

In late March of 2015, Yuan Yuan received artificial insemination twice, according to Caijing News. From June 11, Yuan Yuan was observed with signs of pregnancy, and was transferred to the air-conditioned room and provided with a better diet, including fruits, snacks, and bamboo.

However, Yuan Yuan’s pregnancy behaviors and symptoms gradually disappeared after a couple of days. After a thorough inspection and evaluation, the experts and zoo workers concluded Yuan Yuan was not really pregnant.

They think Yuan Yuan the panda was faking pregnancy to get VIP living conditions, like an air conditioner.

Yuan Yuan and her husband, Tuan Tuan, were playing in the snow. (Image:

Yuan Yuan and her partner Tuan Tuan playing in the snow. (Image:

According to the experts, “false pregnancy” is a common phenomenon in female giant pandas. To judge whether a female panda is really pregnant, scientists have to keep checking for progesterone changes and dietary changes. Even so, they can’t determine if pandas are truly pregnant until one or two days before the panda is in labor. Yuan Yuan has made good use of this limitation in the medical science of pandas.

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