You Will Not Believe What This Artist Created to Express Himself

'Transfer,' by Pejac. (Image: @pejac_art)
'Transfer,' by Pejac. (Image: @pejac_art)

If you did a lot of traveling and came to know other cultures, as an artist, how would you express your thoughts on the situations in those countries, their customs, or their daily lives?

On his tour of three Asian countries, see what this Spanish artist created.

I will start with some of Pejac’s creations in Seoul, Korea.


This work is called Icarus. We are all aware of the delicate political situation in South Korea. A paper airplane falling from the sky and burning was the poetic way the artist found to express this reality.

Nice touch to this sad reality, right?

Pictures credit: @pejac_art

A young man near ‘Icarus.’ (Image: @pejac_art)

Pictures credit: @pejac_art

The creation of ‘Icarus.” (Image: @pejac_art)

Pictures credit: @pejac_art

Full image of ‘Icarus.’ (Image: @pejac_art)

Pictures credit: @pejac_art

This young woman seems surprised by ‘Icarus.’ (Image: @pejac_art)


South Korea is a country with a very rich culture, in which their inhabitants live in a rather competitive system. In order to achieve their goals and success in life, especially the expectations of their elders, the young people have to find a way to stand out above others.

This work represents a young girl doing something essential: playing. She climbs to the highest point of a great ship’s mainmast, far from the everyday structures and stress, sailing away in her imagination.

(Pictures credit @pejac_art)

Little girl playing. (Image: @pejac_art)

(Pictures credit @pejac_art)

Down to work. (Image: @pejac_art)

‘Iron Curtain’

I find this work particularly interesting. The artist tells us that it is a kind of irony, a deception of the eye, that this semi-open curtain, instead of being held by a tie, is held by a real metallic lock. A gentle open door locked inside a tough steel door.

(Pictures credit @pejac_art)

Painting ‘Iron Curtain.’ (Image: @pejac_art)

A women caught for the Trompe-l'œil (Pictures credit @pejac_art)

A women caught up in the trompe-l’œil. (Image: @pejac_art)

(Pictures credit @pejac_art)

Completed work. (Image: @pejac_art)

These are just some pictures of the creations of Pejac in Seoul. You will not believe what he did in Japan and Hong Kong. I hope you like his creations as much as me.

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