A Fire Ant Colony is Turned Into an Art Piece Using Molten Aluminium

Molten Aluminium was poured down a fire ant colony to make this art. (Screenshot/YouTube)
Molten Aluminium was poured down a fire ant colony to make this art. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Fire ants have a bad name, mainly because of the amount of pain they can inflict on humans, and they can kill native animals. When they bite, they inject an alkaloid venom through a stinger, and the sensation is of intense burning, thus their name.

Most people who get bitten by a fire ant get red bumps with white pustules, which can lead to scarring. But some people may have more severe reactions, such as sweating, nausea, or excessive itching.

A colony of fire ants can contain anywhere from 100,000 to 500,000 individuals, which makes it easier for them to kill an animal fast.

Watch what happens when a fire ant mound gets disturbed:

Particularly in the Southern U.S., there are so many fire ants that livestock cannot be kept on the land. There are actually more fire ant mounds per acre in the U’S than in their native South American countries, many because of the lack of natural predators.

So you probably wouldn’t want fire ants living in your garden. There are many ways to get rid of them, but you could take the artistic approach.

In this video, they pour molten aluminum down a fire ant nest, and what’s produced is very beautiful.

Here is the process:


Pouring molten aluminum into a fire ant mound. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Screenshot 2015-08-06 22.17.07

Fire ant mound steaming after molten aluminum has been poured in. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Screenshot 2015-08-06 22.17.41

Digging out the hardened aluminum fire ant ‘sculpture.’ (Screenshot/YouTube)

Screenshot 2015-08-06 22.18.10

Washing the dirt off the fire ant ‘sculpture.’ (Screenshot/YouTube)

Screenshot 2015-08-06 22.23.53

Cleaned fire ant ‘sculpture.’ (Screenshot/YouTube)


The artist has received a mixture of criticism and praise for his art.


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