Did Trump Win the GOP Debate? He Says ‘Yes!’ What Do the Rest Say?

Flamboyant billionaire businessman Donald Trump during Thursday night’s first Republican Primary debate.  (Screenshot/YouTube)
Flamboyant billionaire businessman Donald Trump during Thursday night’s first Republican Primary debate. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Billionaire Donald Trump was confident, fiery, and himself during Thursday night’s first Republican Primary debate, an event in which he says he won.

“I, supposedly—according to what everybody’s telling me—I won the debate,” Trump said, according to The Daily Beast. “According to, you know, the call-ins and everything.”

Being the front runner, the colorful businessman was placed center stage of the 2-hour debate against nine other GOP candidates.

Trump got more air time than his opponents, and relished in showing how indifferent he is to the Republican establishment.

Trump also faced some tough grilling, especially from Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly.

See one of Kelly’s tough questions below about Trump’s attitude towards women, and his unapologetic reply:

“Everybody came up to me and said I had the toughest—they weren’t even questions. They were statements. But, you know, it doesn’t matter,” Trump said.

“I answered them well and I’m very happy, and I really had a good time. I thought it was an amazing debate and I got to know some of the folks that I really didn’t know and they really are good people,” he said.

See below how the real estate mogul responded to questions about his business, and on why he is the man to straighten out the U.S. economy:

Going by a poll by news aggregation website the Drudge Report, it was Trump who came out on top by a long way.

The poll asked: “Who won the first Republican debate ’16?” Below are the poll’s figures based on 495,764 votes when I looked online:

  • Bush 2.13% (10,550 votes)  
  • Carson 8.78% (43,547 votes)  
  • Christie 1.28% (6,332 votes)  
  • Cruz 13.95% (69,141 votes)  
  • Huckabee 3.32% (16,480 votes)  
  • Kasich 4.84% (24,014 votes)  
  • Paul 6.32% (31,346 votes)  
  • Rubio 9.81% (48,642 votes)  
  • Trump 45.91% (227,604 votes)  
  • Walker 3.65% (18,108 votes)  

But in contrast, a Frank Luntz focus group turned on Trump during the GOP debate. See below:

As for the media, they were unsurprisingly mixed. Some are saying it was Trump’s night and some say otherwise.

There are headlines such as “No One Eclipses Donald Trump at GOP Debate” by CNN’s Maeve Reston, and there was “Trump, Trips In GOP Debate, But Trumpism Wins: Planet Politics” by Howard Fineman for the Huffington Post.

At the other end of the spectrum there were headlines such as: “Trump Loses Republican Debate, but Rubio, Cruz, and Others Triumph,” by Liz Peek for FoxNews.com, and “Winners at the GOP Debate Did Not Include Bush and Trump,” by Nate Cohn for The New York Times.

But anyway, the real testing ground is to come.

Do you think Trump will be the Republican presidential candidate for 2016?

(Image: Facebook page of Donald J. Trump)

(Image: Facebook page of Donald J. Trump)

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