If You Could Bottle Sleep, You Would Make an Absolute Fortune!

Just pretend for a minute that I told you that there was a natural “miracle” product out there that could deliver you the following health benefits with zero side effects.

Well, that miracle potion doesn’t really exist — it’s just sleep.

And like many things, you never miss it until you haven’t had enough!

The benefits of ample sleep are many

  • Makes you more energetic
  • Improves your immune function
  • Improves your metabolism
  • Helps you to lose weight more readily when dieting
  • Enhances memory
  • Improves your ability to learn
  • Allows your body to run at optimum levels
  • Improves your longevity
  • Enhances your creativity
Think clearer with ample sleep (Image:Pexels)

Enjoy sharper cognitive ability with ample sleep. (Image: Pexels)

  • Enhances your reasoning and decision-making skills
  • Stabilizes your moods
You especially need sleep as a paren in order to deal with stress, disturbed sleep and to keep up with active children (Image:MissMessie/flickr)

You especially need sleep as a parent in order to deal with stress, disturbed sleep, and to keep up with active children. (Image: MissMessie / flickr)


  • Enhances your athletic abilities
  • Protects you from ADHD
  • Protects you from inflammatory diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease
  • Gives you a fresher face, minimizing lines and dark rings

Would you pay a premium price for a wonder drug that could do all this? Many would.

But the “miracle” here is none other than ample, quality sleep.

Sleep is sometimes the best medicine (Image:aramolara/flickr)

Sleep is sometimes the best medicine. (Image: aramolara / flickr)

You need sleep for many reasons, and some say that ample sleep is the best medicine. So, if your not feeling your best, look at ways of improving your sleep habits, or restructuring your daily routine to make sleep a greater priority for your physical and mental well-being.

Wind-down like you mean it!

  • Plan to have 8 hours of sleep a night—go to bed early to accommodate this.
  • Begin your winding down routine at least 1 hour before bed to encourage the sleep hormone, melatonin, for shut-eye. Most importantly, avoid bright lights, loud music, and caffeine.
  • Relaxing activities before bed such as meditation, drinking chamomile tea, having a warm bath, or having a nice conversation are beneficial at night time.
  • Make your bedroom a warm and inviting place to get cozy.
Make your bedroom a sanctuary, reserved for relaxation and comfort (Image:Calgary Reviews/flickr)

Make your bedroom a sanctuary, reserved for relaxation and comfort. (Image: Calgary Reviews / flickr)

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