Channing Tatum Pays Tribute on Instagram to Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

Channing Tatum posted a moving tribute on Instagram to a soldier who died in Afghanistan. (Screenshot/YouTube)
Channing Tatum posted a moving tribute on Instagram to a soldier who died in Afghanistan. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Channing Tatum has posted a touching tribute to a soldier who was tragically killed in Afghanistan. Sergeant Peter Andrew McKenna, 35, died last weekend in Kabul, Afghanistan, when one of the bases was attacked.

Channing Tatum posted this picture along with this moving message to his Instagram account.

“I’d like to offer my deepest condolences to the family of First Sergeant Peter Andrew McKenna, a brave soldier we had the honor of meeting in Afghanistan. He tragically lost his life in an attack on one of the bases we visited on @theuso tour back in February. Let’s always remember to thank the men and women who serve this county and so often sacrifice their own lives for ours.”

Also in the picture is Channing’s Magic Mike XXL co-star Adam Rodriguez, and actor Nick Zano. They both also posted tribute’s to the soldier.

Adam Rodriguez wrote: “I had the pleasure of meeting this man in uniform during a USO tour in February of this year. Our meeting was a short one but he was the type of person who made an impression. Earlier today I got news that he was killed on Friday in Kabul, Afghanistan during an attack on one of the bases we visited during that trip. Please take the time, and not just right now, but every day, to remember what doesn’t seem to be remembered in the news as often as it should. Soldiers (men and women) are farther away from home than most of us could ever comprehend and too many don’t return. We must honor their lives by actively working toward the dominance of peace in every aspect of our lives and communities. I am glad to have met First Sergeant Peter Andrew McKenna from Bristol, Rhode Island and I wish him that peace in the next life.”

Nick Zano wrote: “It is with a heavy heart to share the passing of an extraordinary serviceman I got to meet while in Afghanistan. First Sergeant Peter Andrew McKenna was lost during an attack on one of the bases we visited and where this picture was taken.
Peter McKenna was a highly decorated and respected member of our military who was going into his sixth tour of duty. Brave isn’t the word that fully describes that sort of commitment to his country and brothers in arms.
This is a reminder that our men and women are still there.
No matter your view on these conflicts, we should always stand next to our servicemen.

To his parents, Peter and Carol McKenna of Bristol, Rhode Island, I am sorry for your loss.
Thank you Peter… Rest in peace.”

Watch short video of Channing Tatum tribute to soldier.

ET writes: “According to the newspaper, a truck filled with explosives was detonated near the wall of an Afghan army base. It left 15 dead and 400 injured on Friday morning. That night, a suicide bomber hit the police academy, killing at least 26 recruits, and injuring 27 people, the Khaama Press, an Afghan news agency, reported. It is not known which attack killed McKenna.”

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