The Farmer Who Went Toe-to-Toe With Monsanto and Won

Farmer Michael White is the salt of the earth type. He’s the kind of guy you’d feel safer knowing he’s producing the food that you’re eating. If it were only that simple.

Today, much of America’s agriculture is dominated by large corporations, such as Monsanto, who’ve spent millions trying to make sure you don’t even have the right to know if you’re eating genetically modified food or not.

That’s only one dubious side of Monsanto, at the least, and their lack of ethics.

In the above 10-minute film Seeding Fear, we see another aspect of the controversial agricultural corporation, and how they hounded Michael White, a fourth generation farmer who also had a business cleaning seeds for other farmers in northeast Alabama.

Farmer Michael White (pictured above) and his father Wayne took on Monsanto and won. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Farmer Michael White (pictured above) and his father Wayne took on Monsanto and won. (Screenshot/YouTube)

According to the video, in 2003, White was sued by Monsanto for patent infringement after unknowingly cleaning Monsanto’s Roundup Ready, which is genetically modified soybeans, for a local farmer.

And is wasn’t just a simple issue of legalities. Private investigators had him under constant investigation surveillance, says the film. There was an even an allegation of a death threat.

Unlike other farmers, White and his father Wayne took on Monsanto. Ultimately, the victory was theirs, but as you see in the film, it came at a high price for him and his family.

“It destroyed his life,” White says about his father as he visit his grave in the first part of the film. “He went to his grave—this grave—still afraid of [Monsanto].”

White also said: “It’s pretty hard to take your 80-something-year-old father to federal court on a walker when he’s falsely accused by a big corporation.”

Seeding Fear was co-executive-produced by “Bernard Shakey,” which is the pseudonym for legendary rocker Neil Young, who also released an album this year called Monsanto. See a news clip below for further information about that:

In 2006, after being cleared for a jury trial, White settled with Monsanto while maintaining the freedom to speak publicly about his case. Although he was confident he would have won in court, Monsanto’s nearly infinite financial and legal resources would have protracted the case for years and cost millions of dollars, says the film.

Monsanto the corporation is not a human being, it is an entity, it has no soul. It won’t be judged on Judgment Day,” White says. “Of course, all giants fall. History repeats itself, and their day is coming,” he added.

See more North American farmer’s fighting against Monsanto in this film below:

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