This Teenage Girl Is Crowdfunding for Her Education

Amber Kirk-Ford needs your help so she can further her education. (Screenshot/YouTube)
Amber Kirk-Ford needs your help so she can further her education. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Amber Kirk-Ford from Norfolk County, England, is different to most teenagers. She suffers from chronic anxiety and panic disorder, emetophobia—a fear of being sick—and agoraphobia, which make it a struggle for her to leave her home.

Since she was 7 years old, she has been home-schooled due to her mental health issues. S

he has completed her GCSE’s and now wants to further her studies. The only way she can do that is online, as having to go out to college would be too much for her.

Since her family can’t afford it, she set up a crowdfunding in hopes of raising £4500 in a month so she can do her studying through Interhigh.

Amber’s video asking for your help:

Amber writes on her crowdfunding page: “There is no support in place for a young person with my type of mental illness to be able to attend college, do an apprenticeship, or go out to work. Education is free in the UK up until you’re 19, but only if you’re physically able to get to a college. There are no student loans for studying at home. Sure, sometimes I can go out, with certain members of my family or on my own, but a lot of the time I can’t. There’s no way of knowing in advance if I’m going to be OK the next day or not, so how could I commit to a mainstream college or job?

“What I really want to do is continue my education like other people my age. I want to go back to InterHigh to get my A-levels, and to not be beaten by my anxiety or lack of money. But my funding has come to an end, and I’ve been turned down for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) hence the need to crowdfund.”

Amber is a very talented girl, and has her own YouTube channel titled The Mile Long Bookshelf, where she gives book reviews. She has over 1000 subscribers.

She also says in her YouTube that if you can’t donate any money, then please share and let everyone know.

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