Few Movie Stars Can Actually Sing, but Robert Downey Jr. Is an Exception

Did You Know Robert Downey Jr. Can Also Sing? Watch Him With Sting

Robert Downey Jr., the highest paid actor in Hollywood for the 3rd year running, definitely has more hidden talents up his sleeves than I first thought—he can actually sing too. And I don’t mean he can hold a note; he has a soulful voice, possessing texture, and grit.

Watch Robert unleash his own vocals here in a duo with Sting. This is a daring move—being compared with Sting—but Robert holds his own.

We all know Sting has an amazing smoothness in his vocals, but Robert unleashes his own talent onto the stage with a gruffer, more masculine vocal quality, and street-wise attitude that bleeds through.

Downey’s voice reminds me of a mix between Billy Joel and Adam Duritz from the Counting Crows.

Do you remember when he guest stared on Ally McBeal back in the early ’90s? Is it just me, or has his singing voice somewhat improved since then?  Maybe age and experience play a role as an x-factor when it comes to singing?


If you really enjoyed those, I have another for you. Watch Downey sing Joni Mitchell’s River. He certainly captures the sadness and lament in this touching ballad.


Like Downey, many movie stars have made attempts at producing their own musical albums, Russell Crowe, Scarlett Johansen, and Bruce Willis are the first to come to mind. I really don’t wish to be mean, but if you ask my critic, I think the latter mentioned should have stayed true to acting and left their singing in the shower! It takes a little more than an average voice, coupled with muti-layering, heavy background music, and a good backup singer to make average singing enjoyable to listen to.

Robert Downey Jr., however, gets comfortably over the line in terms of ease of listening, yet should stick to comfortable genres for him, such as blues, soft rock, jazz, and soul.

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