When It’s Time for Dad to Do Your Hair, Try This Trick

Dad's messy ponytail on his daughter. (Image: Flickr)
Dad's messy ponytail on his daughter. (Image: Flickr)

Dad’s are well meaning, but in helping their daughters get ready for school, they often are a loss when they need to make a basic ponytail.

This dad put’s his tools to work in typical man-style, and gets the job done quickly and efficiently—go Dad!

Vacuum ponytail 101

Remove the head of the vacuum cleaner, leaving only the pipe.

Stretch a hair elastic around the pipe.

Stretch the elastic band over the pipe of the vacuum cleaner (Image:Tips from a Mom/Youtube Screenshots)

Stretch an elastic band over the pipe of the vacuum cleaner. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Turn the vacuum cleaner on, and begin sucking up the hair.

Suck up the hair (Image:Tips From a Mom/Youtube Screenshot)

Suck up the hair (Screenshot/YouTube)

Once you have all the hair up the pipe, and you are happy with the position and neatness, pop the hair elastic off—it will secure the ponytail.

Turn off vacuum cleaner, and adjust the hair elastic for a neat finish.

Wella! ponytail done! (Image:Tips From a Mom/Youtube Screenshots)

Voila! Ponytail done! (Screenshot/YouTube)

This tip is helpful for dads who need a little help, or for people who are in a rush to get ready for school on time.

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