6 Foods to Nourish Your Heart in Summer

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According to Chinese medicine, summer is the time to nourish the heart. (Image: Fauxto_Digit/Flickr)

Most all of us get a feeling in the summer. Some call it “midsummer madness” or even “summer heat” when the blood seems to surge and your heart is lifted up. Perhaps its a universal feeling of the heart’s animation that we are feeling.

Well, from the Chinese perspective in health and medicine, we should go with that feeling and nourish the heart in the summertime.

Now that summer is here, here are a few ways with food that you can nourish your heart.

1. Lotus plumule: Perhaps you just asked yourself exactly what I did when I tried miserably to pronounce plumule. A resounding “What the heck is that?” (giggling to myself.)

Drum roll please? (That is where you tap your fingers against the desk.)

Lotus plumule is a Chinese herb that is bitter to the taste, but cools the body down.

The benefits from drinking this as a tea are as follows:

  • Clears away heart fire
  • Calms the mind
  • Nourishes the heart
  • Enriches the stomach and intestine system
lotus plumule tea

Lotus plumule is a Chinese herb that is bitter to the taste, but cools the body down. (Image: Douguo.com)

2. Octopus: Our dear 8-legged friend is quite delectable for those who may have never tried it. Actually, I put a link to an amazing recipe if you want to try.

For those of you who do try the recipe, I want some feedback, so please be sure to let me know what you think.

Now, back to our regular scheduled reading. (winks left eye)  

Once you get past the fact you are eating octopus, there are lots of great health benefits, according to Chinese medicine.

Here are a few:

  • Supplements the blood
  • Cures carbuncles-abscesses, and expels swelling toxins;
  • It is rich in protein, minerals, and natural taurine, which is the ingredient for anti-aging and keeping fit (for those of you looking for the fountain of youth).

Eating octopus has many health benefits. (Image: 16:9clue/Flickr)

Next up, we have the delectable (and one of my favorites):

3. Strawberries: They are more than just a sweet and juicy summer treat.

Here are more ways they can benefit you this summer:

  • Good for teeth and bones (keeping those pearly whites in order)
  • Maintain blood vessels and muscles
  • Help to heal wounds (Popeye would have loved to know this)
  • They also aid the body in detoxification (Win! Win!)

Strawberries are more than just a tasty treat. (Image: Sancho McCann/Flickr)

Yummy, crisp, and our leafy green friend, and also the next up:

4. Lettuce: With so many variations to choose from, you have quite a few options. The benefits seem to just keep unfolding:

  • Contains large amounts of plant cellulose that can help intestinal peristalsis
  • Can cure constipation
  • Additionally, it is also fantastic for people who suffer with anemia

There are so many variations of lettuce to choose from. (Image: Dwight Sipler/Flickr)

Sweet as ever in out heart is another favorite:

5. Peas: Rich in taste and full of flavor, but did you know they are also:

  • Great source of protein
  • This protein is said to enhance the human bodies resistance to disease
  • As well as aid in ability to rehabilitate itself
  • The high fiber content enhances bowel movements and makes the stool soft



Peas are a great source of protein. (Image: Kari Söderholm/Flickr)

Now, last but not least on this list is the egg, but not just any egg, it is:

6. Duck eggs: Eating eggs at the beginning of the summer is referred to as “taking tonics in the summer.” Some of the greatest parts about this delight:

  • If you are looking to gain weight
  • It is high in calcium
  • High in iron and a delicious alternative to chicken eggs
duck eggs

Duck eggs are a delicious alternative to chicken eggs. (Image: Alpha/Flickr)

In closing, when the weather heats up, people are more inclined to consume things such as fruits, cold water, and other ice cold beverages. While it seems to cool the body down, what it is actually doing is putting your body in shock as the human body needs to heat the cold drink to the same temperature before it can actually be digested.

Children have had reactions such as abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea to name a few because their gastrointestinal tract is weak. Food is best eaten, not when it comes out of the refrigerator, but at room temperature.

As with all nutritional advice, it is always best to consult your health care professional if you are to try anything new.

“Happy, Healthy Eating All”

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