Taylor Swift Makes Emotional Speech During Concert for Mother Who Lost Son to Cancer

Taylor Swift played 'Ronan' for mother who lost son to cancer. (Screenshot/YouTube.)
Taylor Swift played 'Ronan' for mother who lost son to cancer. (Screenshot/YouTube.)

During her 1989 tour, at a show in Glendale, Arizona, Taylor Swift made an emotional speech about a very special audience member.

Maya Thompson’s son, Ronan, tragically died of cancer in 2011 at the young age of 4.

During his life, Maya wrote a blog called “Rockstar Ronan” where she wrote about her son’s fight with cancer and how it affected their lives.

What’s Trending wrote: “For the first time since the Stand Up To Cancer telethon in 2012, Taylor performed Ronan—a song written in tribute to a 4-year-old boy who lost his battle with cancer. Ronan’s mom Maya kept up a blog during Ronan’s journey with cancer, which Taylor found and read consistently—leading her to write Ronan, and releasing the song to raise money for child cancer research.”

Maya Thompson and her family were at the concert, and Taylor Swift opened up about how the blog affected her and the her own struggles with her mother being diagnosed with cancer.

Swift said during her speech: “Since then, I have had cancer hit really close to me in my family and because Maya is right there, I would like you to give her a round of applause.”

International Business Times writes: “Swift, who credited Thompson as a co-writer for the song, gave a special dedication to Ronan’s mother during the concert. The 25-year-old singer started by saying how one of the bravest things anyone could ever do is to experience something unbearable and to share it with the world.”

It was a very touching speech, and a beautiful thing that Taylor Swift did.

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