Spanish Artist Pejac Is Now in Hong Kong With His New Collection ‘Re-Think’

Spanish artist Pejac's artwork 'The Re-Thinker. '(Pictures credit @pejac_art)
Spanish artist Pejac's artwork 'The Re-Thinker. '(Pictures credit @pejac_art)

Remember this Spanish artist, Pejac? He has a very clever way of expressing his views. Well now he has done some artwork in Hong Kong, let’s see what he did there.


Pictures credit @pejac_art

MSN Hotmail butterfly trapped in a glass jar. (Image: @pejac_art)

This work represents the MSN Hotmail butterfly trapped in a glass jar. It was placed in front of the Central Government Complex of Hong Kong, where last year the ‘Umbrella Revolution‘ protests had taken place. It is a metaphor of the imprisonment of free speech and communication of the Chinese people.

Pejac said in a email:

“The butterfly is not killed but trapped, being able to see and feel, but left to slowly die.”


In China the dragon is a symbol of strength and power. This ferocious mythical animal that can cause hurricanes and floods, has now become a domesticated pet.

Pictures credit @pejac_art

Has the dragon become a pet? (Image: @pejac_art)


Pictures credit @pejac_art

Creating the work. (Image: @pejac_art)

This piece is located in Hong Kong Central on Hollywood Road 97.

The Re-Thinker

The Re-Thinker3

Re-think. (Image: @pejac_art)

Pejac felt that the local people were not being allowed to think for themselves due to their lack of time, space, and the fast pace of the city.

Pictures credit @pejac_art

Creation. (Image: @pejac_art)

Pictures credit @pejac_art

Maybe Hong Kong needs to re-think something. (Image: @pejac_art)

The piece created on a hotel bathroom window appears over this mega city, reminding people to stop and re-think.

After Seoul he passed through Hong Kong, now Japan is the next destination.

What do you think of this artwork? Leave a comment below.

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