Is Air Pollution Causing Chronic Dry Eyes? Try This

red eye
Dry and red eyes? Pollution may be the secret culprit. (Image: Agnesliinnea/Pixabay)

Many people living in urban areas experience chronically dry and irritated eyes. But have you ever stopped to wonder what is actually causing this? Pollution?

A smoky factory on the Yangtze River, China. (Image:wikimedia commons).

A smoky factory on the Yangtze River, China. (Image: High Contrast via Wikimedia CC BY 2.0 DE)

Smog causes respiratory problems in some, whereas floating particulate matter containing soot, smoke, sulfates, nitrates, dust and rubber cause irritation to your eyes also.

In some countries, for example China, the air pollution is so bad that people resort to wearing protective masks over their nose and mouth. Some may be wanting to use protective goggles for eye protection too.

Protective masks protect the breathing passages from irritating air pollution in the cities. (Image:theglobalpanorama/flickr)

Protective masks protect the breathing passages from irritating air pollution in the cities. (Image: theglobalpanorama via Compfight cc )

The go-to remedy is eye drops, to help lubricate the eyes. But of course, this relief is only momentary,

the problem is the eyes are not producing enough tears, the tear-ducts are chocked up with pollution.

This video is one young woman’s experience with dry eyes. Fortunately, her doctor had many patients experiencing this phenomena, and had an inkling that the ailment was caused through air-born pollutants.

The doctor’s remedy is simple and worth a try, he did not prescribe special eye drops to the young woman. Instead, he suggested she cleanse her blocked tear-ducts everyday with water.

After several weeks, the young woman’s eyes were moist and she no longer had the sensation that she needed to blink constantly; her eyes were properly lubricated.

Doctor’s trick for dry eyes

  1. Wet a clean cotton tip in cool to warm water.
  2. Squeeze out excess moisture from the tip.
  3. Pull down the bottom eyelid and use the cotton tip to lightly scrub the rim, where your tear ducts are.
  4. Repeat this for both eyes, on the upper and lower lids.
  5. Continue this routine for several weeks to ascertain if the problem lies in your tear ducts being clogged by contaminates.

If you too suffer chronically dry eyes and live in a built up area, or a region with heavy industry, it might be worth trialing this idea. The results are not instantaneous, it may take several weeks for the tear-ducts to unblock and heal.

If there is improvement, you’ll need to keep cleaning your eye-lids every so often to avoid an occurrence of dry eyes.

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