Cute Thief Spotted: Wild Panda Sneaks Into a Bee Yard

A panda has been spotted at the scene of the time. (Image:
A panda has been spotted at the scene of the time. (Image:

Usually a crime scene would stir negative emotions, such as anger, surprise or unhappiness. It may be a different situation, if the one caught in the act is an innocent and cute panda loved by all.

The thief was eating honey so happily that its body was all covered with the "criminal evidence"- the honey. (Image:

The thief enjoys his sweet meal so much that his body is covered in the incriminating evidence, honey. (Image:

In the evening of September 8th, a bee yard in Sichuan Province was ransacked. The crime scene was a mess of gaping beehives, and sticky honey oozing all over the place. Nearby villagers stayed alert, and cautiously approached the thief. Then what did they find? A chubby panda climbing on a beehive, and eating honey in happy frenzy.

Villagers took photos of the special thief. (Image:

Villagers take photos of the unusual thief. (Image:

Once the villagers realized what had happened, they instinctively whipped-out their cell phones, took a snapshot of the panda, and posted it to social media. Some of the excited people mumbled: “No hurry, eat as you like … oh, you’re so cute! We won’t interrupt your dinner; that’s a good pose, one more!”

The panda clearly saw the humans watching him, but did not seem to mind them. He totally indulged himself in the sweet meal, eating honey from evening until after dark according to Huaxi News. After eating a dozen beehives, the panda left with great satisfaction, and joy — walking slowly back to the mountains.

According to locals, good environmental practices have made the village become a hive of natural wildlife. Pandas often visit the local farms. Believed to have smelt the scent of honey, this panda made the special trip to this village to eat some — a lovable foodie, right?

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