Amazing Life: Tree Grows Up With a Bike Embedded in the Trunk

The front wheel of a bike hangs in the air after becoming embedded into a tree over many years. (Image:
The front wheel of a bike hangs in the air after becoming embedded into a tree over many years. (Image:

Often times, plants win us humans in respect of the will to live. A plant cannot move by itself. It cannot choose the living environment. No matter where it roots or how hard the environment can be, a plant always seeks the hope of life, growing higher, and larger.

In Shenyang City of Liaoning Province, an old bike was locked by a steel chain to a roadside tree for five or six years. Because the bike was abandoned for too long, it became embedded in the tree as the trunk expanded.


The steel chain was deeply integrated into the trunk. (Image:

The bike was out of shape, covered by rust. However, the tree was growing up like other roadside trees. Except for the bike embedded in its body, the tree was flourishing, and leafy. It was about 30 feet high, and the trunk was about one foot thick. With a closer look, you can see the steel chain was deeply integrated into the trunk. You can barely recognize the chain without looking carefully. Even part of the bike handlebars, and bike seats was practically growing into the tree.

The old bike was abandoned by a renter five or six years ago, according to Wangyi News. When the renter moved out, she could not find the bike key, so the bike was left by the tree.

A passenger sighed: The tree was so pitiful, it cannot express with words the pain.

The firefighters were trying to take the bike out of the trunk. (Image:

Firefighters try to remove the bike from the trunk. (Image:

On September 10, three firefighters came to aid the tree with axes, and pliers. In an effort to minimize injuries to the tree, firefighters finally managed to drag the bike out of the tree. Though the bike was successfully separated from the tree, a lot of scars stayed on the trunk, and a part of the chain could not be removed from the trunk. Firefighters say the chain has been integrated into the tree. If it were to be pulled out forcefully, part of the trunk would have to be cut off, which would cause greater damage to the tree.

Hope it can keep growing healthily. (Image:

Onlookers hope the tree will keep growing healthily. (Image:

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