You Should Drizzle Olive Oil on Food, It Prevents Cancer

olive oil
Eat as the Greeks do: Lot's of olive oil drizzled over everything! (Image: Condesign/Pixabay)

There is a lot of information available on the Mediterranean diet, which includes a bounty of fresh vegetables, meat, seafood, cheeses, and drenched in olive oil. However, while all these ingredients contribute to a healthy body, more people are recognizing olive oil as a star ingredient.

Olive oil has potential to prevent cancers, heart disease, and maintain healthy weight.

There is now more scientific evidence to back this. It has been discovered that people on the Mediterranean diet have significantly lower levels of heart disease and cancer compared to those who seldom eat olive oil.

Olive oil prevents cancer

In the below video, Dr Mary Flynn shares her scientific findings of olive oil at the Let food by thy medicine conference in Melbourne, Australia during 2014.

Dr Flynn reveals that extra virgin olive oil has the potential to play a key role in the prevention of cancer, such as breast, and prostate cancer.

In her research, Dr Flynn says that studies in both Greece, and Spain conclude that people, who grew-up eating significant amounts of extra virgin olive oil in their daily life, showed much lower incidences of developing cancer overall.

On the topic of a specific study on breast cancer, Dr Flynn says: “The higher they reported (of eating olive oil), the lower the likelihood of them getting breast cancer” — a very strong correlation.

Olive oil is often called a 'finishing' oil, it brings out the flavor of the food. (

Olive oil is often called a ‘finishing’ oil, it brings out the flavor of the food. (Image: Pexels/CC0 Public Domain)

In another study on men, she said that men drinking 1/2 cup to 1 cup of extra virgin olive oil over a week, cut their risk of prostate cancer in half.

From other research, Dr Flynn also directly links olive oil consumption to the reduction of dangerous abdomen fat, and Body Mass Index (BMI). This is due to the reduction of insulin and glucose, when adding unadulterated extra virgin olive oil to your daily meals.

Decreasing abdominal fat is crucial in cancer prevention, as the American Cancer Society warns us that one out of three deaths from cancer correlates to excess body weight.

Buy quality olive oil, and drizzle — like the Greeks do!

The Mediterranean diet has always been regarded as very healthy, helping you to live a long life, while avoiding degenerative modern diseases, now we can accredit some of that to olive oil.

You can drizzle olive oil over many of your dishes, including pasta, rice, and open sandwiches. (

You can drizzle olive oil over many of your dishes. (Image: Pexels/CC0 Public Domain)

The Greeks, in particular, drizzle olive oil over hot meals, salads, baked vegetables, and breads. Now we know that doing this not only adds a delicious subtle olive flavor, it also makes your food healthier too.

You don’t need to measure how much you’re having; you can drizzle olive oil to suit your taste, and your heart’s content!

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