The Trump Express Isn’t Running Out of Steam

Donald Trump during his first town hall meeting last month in Derry, New Hampshire. (Image: Michael Vadon/flickr)
Donald Trump during his first town hall meeting last month in Derry, New Hampshire. (Image: Michael Vadon/flickr)

It’s only 14 months out from the U.S. presidential elections and Republican grass roots support for flamboyant businessman Donald Trump continues unabated.

Earlier commentators said support for ‘The Donald’ would fall to the wayside but the real-estate mogul is striving forward, filling stadiums full of adoring fans as he goes.

Now with a fading Hillary Clinton, and as his gains in the polls, some people are out-loud saying that Trump will own next year’s election. Some still don’t see it happening citing Trump as being too controversial. The idea of Trump in the Oval Office for some is like an episode of the Twilight Zone.

But 39 percent of Republican primary and caucus voters see Trump as the candidate with the best chance of winning the presidency, according to the New York Times and CBS survey.

See this little over ten minute interview below with The Wall Street Journal where Trump talks about his tax plan, his rising poll numbers and how he will handle the next phase of his presidential campaign.

Unconventional in his style, Trump has managed to hit something in the conservative American psyche, much of it concerned with fears about where the country is heading and a disillusionment with Washington’s political elite.

Bottom line is, a lot of conservative Americans see Trump as a beacon of hope.

With an estimated net worth of nearly $9 billion, many of his supporters see Trump and his winning style as the only way to make America great again. He’s also the only guy they think who has the backbone to do what’s needed to fix the nation’s illegal immigration problem.

But see this next video below where Trump takes The Wall Street Journal on a tour of his office in the Trump Tower in Manhattan.

For me, I have several Republican presidential candidates who I’d like to see as the next POTUS but they’re just not polling well at all. They may have done okay at the second Republican debate in California this week but still Trump managed to dominate the event, be it for better or for worse.

If you saw the debate one thing may have stood out for you; that being how Trump is a stark contrast to his closest rival the mild mannered Ben Carson. But both men have one thing in common, they’re both non-politicians.

Even if Trump doesn’t win the final prize, the whole election will be remembered as being his.

See some highlights of this week’s debate below:

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