Celebrate Bill Murray’s 65th Birthday by Coloring Him In

A scene from the Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. (Screenshot/YouTube)
A scene from the Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. (Screenshot/YouTube)

It’s Bill Murray’s 65th Birthday today, and who doesn’t like Bill Murray?! From his early days of Saturday Night Live to GhostbustersGroundhog Day, Lost in Translation, Coffee & Cigaerettes, and the Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, Bill Murray oozes charisma as he delivers his characters to life with honesty, and deadpan humor.

Thrill Murray Coloring Book. (Image: Bellykids)

‘Thrill Murray’ Coloring Book. (Image: Bellykids)

I often hear entertaining stories of Bill Murray. I heard one where he would crash people’s house parties uninvited, do the dishes, then leave. One time he ate a French fry from someone’s plate at a burger joint, and said “Nobody’s going to believe you” before walking away.

A couple were getting engagement photos taken, and he hid just out of site of the photographer, lifted his shirt, and slapped his belly to make the couple laugh.

Ghostbusters. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Bill Murray in the 1980s blockbuster movie Ghostbusters. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Groundhog Day. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Bill Murray does some dangerous driving in Groundhog Day. (Screenshot/YouTube)

My claim to Bill Murray fame is when he approached me, and a friend of mine at Camerimage Film Festival in Poland, and pulled us onto the dance floor, spinning us around to dance to some bad Polish pop music after we had just seconds ago refused to dance with him.

Lost in Translation. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Showing his musical talent in Lost in Translation. (Screenshot/YouTube)

So for these reasons of just being a generally nice, and unpredictable person …

Bill Murray holds a soft spot in my heart, and I want to color him in.

And I can because Belly Kids in the United Kingdom have created this really neat Bill Murray inspired coloring book, entitled Thrill Murray. It’s an A4 size coloring book with over 20 images, all by different illustrators, which are listed on the Belly Kids website — where you can purchase the book. On the one side is a print already colored for you, and a blank one for you to fill in yourself.

Thrill Murray Coloring Book. (Image: Bellykids)

One of the pages from the Thrill Murray Coloring Book. (Image: Bellykids)

I might just have to color a picture of myself beside him or is that going too far?

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