Drone Footage Captures Migrants Landing on Greek Island

This above drone video footage of migrants making the dangerous boat journey from Turkey to a Greek island relayed to me the scale of the European migrant crisis.

The BBC’s reporter says six people die on average daily in such desperate voyages across the Mediterranean. But as he points out these numbers are dwarfed by the amount of people who are coming to Europe which is so far numbered at 481,612 this year. The figure is expected to swell to a million by the year’s end.

Given that the UE has just agreed to share 120,000 refugees from war torn countries seeking asylum, it’s not yet clear if this is a fluid figure or what’s going to happen to the remaining unwanted thousands.

Four nations — the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary — voted against the proposal for sharing the proposed 120,000 refugees.

The crisis is far from over and it will continue to strain the limits of EU unity.

See this report about some of the EU countries are reacting to the crisis:

The niggling problem the West now faces is how they will go about sorting out the genuine refugees fleeing danger from those who’re just seeking a better life.

See migrant figures provided by the International Organization of Migration below:

As of September 22 a total of 481,612 migrants have arrived in Europe so far this year. This is where they landed and how many did so:

  • Italy, 127,266
  • Greece, 351,088
  • Spain, 2,819
  • Malta, 100

These are the top 5 countries of origin that have arrived in Greece this year up to September 22:

  • Syria, 175,375
  • Afghanistan, 50,177
  • Pakistan, 11,289
  • Albania, 10,985
  • Iraq, 9,059

These are the top 5 countries of origin that have arrived in Italy this year up to September 22:

  • Eritrea, 30,708
  • Nigeria, 15,113
  • Somalia, 8,790
  • Sudan, 7,126
  • Syria, 6,710

As migrants try to find alternative routes to enter Europe, governments are looking at how to seal their country’s borders more effectively. See this video below by the BBC about the fences and walls that have been erected at key crossing points around the world:

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