How Cool Is This School Dorm Converted From a Retired Train?

The student hall of Sihe Art School is actually converted from a retired, old train. (Image:
The student hall of Sihe Art School is actually converted from a retired, old train. (Image:

Hidden in the trees, an old green train is sitting quietly on the new campus of Sihe Art School. This retired train, under its tattered surface, is actually the new dormitory for high school students of Sihe Art school.


A special school dorm in the old train from which painting is peeling off. (Image:

Sihe Art School is a normal high school specialising in art education, located in Zhengzhou city of Henan Province. The school principal, Li Guoliang, was studying in product design major — in Changsha Railway College, where plenty of train locomotives or carriages were sitting on campus.

Students were drying washed clothes outside the train dorm. (Image:

Students dry laundered clothes outside the train dorm. (Image:

In March, construction started on the new campus of Sihe Art School at a scenic site. Li saw the retired train at the new location of the school, and liked it very much. A great idea came to mind. Li rented the train, refitted it, and turned the shabby train into a new dorm for the students.

Sheldon would love it if he knew it!

Li told the news reporter of thePaper, the school cultivates art students. He believed a peculiar environment full of surprises can stimulate creativity, and ideas of the students.


The train carriage has fitted with an A/C, water heater, and bathroom. (Image:

According to the principal, currently four to six students lived in each carriage, while eight students in an extra large carriage. Each carriage has 10 windows, and ensures good ventilation. Also, each carriage is equipped with a bathroom. The hot water used in the bathroom is from the warm spring of the scenic site.


The interior looks like any other ordinary dorm room, with wooden bunk beds. (Image:


The interior is messy, but vibrant. (Image:

The school principal also said they may encourage students, and teachers to paint graffiti art on the train to change the rusty look of the old train. The locomotive will only become cooler, and cooler.

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