Anyone Surprised? Fake iPhone 6s on Sale in China

A fake Apple iPhone 6s for sale in the Chinese city of Shenzhen. (Screenshot/YouTube )
A fake Apple iPhone 6s for sale in the Chinese city of Shenzhen. (Screenshot/YouTube )

The new Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is in stores world-wide today but counterfeit versions have already been on sale in southern China.

Unofficial stores were selling knockoffs of the Apple iPhone 6s in the city of Shenzhen this week says Reuters. Running on an android system, the fakes are slow in their operation and offer poor quality camera images. A fake iPhone 6s costs around $90, a tenth of the price of the real version.

There’s also 30 plus stores using Apple Inc’s logos in a busy retail street in Shenzhen. Only thing is there’s just one official store in this city of seven million people and a further 5 authorized dealers.


According to Reuters the whole fake Apple store model has even created a cottage industry in Shenzhen to meet the unauthorized shop’s needs. There were two shops in a giant tech mall selling Apple logos, uniforms, display shelves and shopping bags.

If you want to set up an unauthorized Apple outlet they’ve got what you need.

Some analysts say the existence of bogus Apple stores in China may not be a bad thing as it actually promotes brand awareness. China, you see, has only 22 Apple stores but they do have plans to expand and by mid-next year that number is expected to be nearly double.

On the flip side, the pervasive and unsanctioned reselling of even legitimate Apple products can make it hard for the tech giant to manage their brand. It also risks their future operations in the country.

Meanwhile the real iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are expected to break record sales across the globe for Apple this weekend.

See this China Uncensored episode for a funny look at how China is full of bootlegged, counterfeit versions of Western products, made cheaply and sold cheaply:

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