How to Decode What Your Acne Shows About You

With a basic knowledge of Chinese face mapping, you can know what your acne is telling you. (Image: mahmoud99725/flickr)
With a basic knowledge of Chinese face mapping, you can know what your acne is telling you. (Image: mahmoud99725/flickr)

In Chinese Medicine, the face is believed to be the window to the soul, and Chinese medical physicians look at the face of their patient to assess which organs may be under stress or where there are blockages.

Face-mapping not only sheds light on the health of the physical body, it can also give a hint about the mental, and emotional stress you are under — and how it affects you.

In this video, Mia talks about acne, and explains the location of the outbreaks can point to deeper problems.

Is the acne caused by stress, late nights, a bad diet or hormones? Through understanding some basic Chinese Face Mapping, you can know what your acne is telling you, and take the right course of action.

Upper forehead

This area is linked to the digestive system, principally your large intestines, and bladder. When acne appears here, take note of your diet, and try to improve your digestion through eating probiotics — limiting your sugar intake, and avoiding fast foods in general.

Cleansing foods such as green tea, lemon water, and fresh berries will help as they are rich in antioxidants.

Pimples on the forehead, in both the upper and lower regions. (Image: wikipedia)

Acne on the forehead in both the upper, and lower regions. (Image: Wikipedia/CC0Public Domain)

Lower forehead

This region shows us the health of our mind, and spirit. Skin eruptions here are indicative of stress, nervous disorders, and an imbalance in the mental or emotional realms.

To rebalance your mind, make quality sleep a priority for a while. You can also try meditation, long nature walks, and soothing warm baths.


Being the middle of your face, your nose represents your heart. This area could indicate blood pressure, stress, pent-up anger, and frustration.

Again, take time to de-stress, and focus on what your heart needs — it may be beneficial to look a little deeper, and ask yourself some important questions as well as taking steps in your everyday life to manage stress.


Those annoying zits that appear right in the middle of your eyebrows are your liver screaming for some love.

To cleanse the liver, drink dandelion tea, eat plenty of vegetables, and swap your white bread — and fast food for whole grains, and tubers. Avoid alcohol, and tobacco.


Those big, blind pimples on your ears can be so painful! They are a sign your kidneys are strained, as your kidney-shaped ears mimic the organ they represent — amazing isn’t it?

Increase your water intake, and lower your caffeine — and sodium intake.


Your cheeks are connected to your lungs, and are a sign that your respiratory system is struggling. Could it be allergies?

Avoid smoking, and smoking areas. Drink ginger tea as it warms the lungs, and helps expel any gunk that is sitting there.

Does this young lad have current respiratory problems? his pimple says so. (Image: Upsilon Andromedae/flickr)

Does this young lad have respiratory problems? His acne says so. (Image: Upsilon Andromedae via flickr CC BY 2.0)

Mouth and lower chin

The mouth, being the gateway to the stomach, is coincidently linked to the stomach in face-mapping.

Maybe your diet needs more fiber. Have you noticed any constipation? Psyllium husk is like a broom that sweeps your stomach clean, it is very cleansing.

A small pimple on this young woman's chin points to . (Image: sean dreilinger/flickr)

A small zit on this young woman’s chin points to mild issues in the stomach.  (Image: sean dreilinger/flickr CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Sides of the chin

This area represents the reproductive system, you may get pimples here when there is an imbalance of hormones, or during a hormone surge, such as during menses.

Stress will exacerbate zits in this region, so if you get breakouts here, give yourself the space, and rest you need — and take note if the acne is cyclical or constant.

Different types of acne

Your face, like the souls of your feet, contain a map of your whole body. You may have already noticed that zits in different areas pop up at different times, such as the ‘too much chocolate’ acne versus the ‘I’m so stressed!’ ones, to the ‘stay away from me, I’m hormonal!’ varietiesAs you learn which is which, you will know what course of action to take.

If acne persists in a certain area or in general, consult a doctor, qualified naturopath, or Chinese doctor. A few zits are no big deal, but chronic acne is an infection that needs professional medical attention.

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