This Is How Chinese Spend Their National Holidays

Another traffic jam due to the ending of the holidays
Stay home and welcome back the heavy congestion on all highways. (Image: Secret China)

The Chinese national holidays have well and truly come. While the seven-day “Golden Week” holiday is something most Chinese look forward to every year, some look at it differently. Ironically or humorously?

This is how one Weixin blogger planned his golden week itinerary.

October 1: Stay home and watch the heavy congestion on all highways

Crazy traffic jam in Beijing during holidays.

Heavy congestion can be seen on all highways. (Image: Secret China)

October 2: Watch the long queues at many scenic locations

A super long line at scenic spots

Massive waiting lines can be seen at this tourist destination. (Image: Secret China)

October 3: Read about the sky-rocketing hotel prices

"Sky-high" prices of hotels during the holidays

Prepare to pay US$300 for the cheapest hotel room. (Image: Secret China)

October 4: Watch how visitors react to being ripped off

Visitors being ripped off during the holidays.

Visitors angrily question the US$630 price of a three-course meal. (Image: Secret China)

October 5: Feel sorry for those who did not book their train ticket in advance

All train tickets are sold out during the holidays

Good luck trying to get home, if you didn’t book online. (Image: Secret China)

October 6: Welcome back the heavy congestion to all highways

Another traffic jam due to the ending of the holidays

Making use of the extensive traffic delays to catch-up on some exercise. (Image: Secret China)

October 7: Learn how people cope with being jammed from entering the city from all directions

Can't go back home because of the traffic jam

It may be faster to walk to the city. (Image: Secret China)

If you are good at socializing, a traffic jam can be a great opportunity to search for potential husbands. You can tell a man’s wealth from the model of his car, his character from his  attitude, and his kidney function from his urine-bearing time.

Use traffic jam to find a good husband

Could this be true love at first sight? (Image: Secret China)

October 8 – Prepare a good pot of tea at work and listen to everyone’s complaints

Listen to everyone's complaints while drinking tea

It’s time to let it all out. (Image: Secret China)

One artist has creatively composed these images of famous landmarks:

The Imperial Palace – people everywhere.

People are everywhere at the Imperial Palace. (Image: Secret China)


The Great Wall - people everywhere

What a marvelous view from The Great Wall. (Image: Secret China)


The Oriental Pearl Tower - people everywhere

Breathtaking view of the Oriental Pearl Tower. (Image: Secret China)


Jiuzhaigou Valley - people everywhere

Enjyoing the water at Jiuzhaigou Valley. (Image: Secret China)


Huashan - people everywhere

Reading the inscribing at Huashan. (Image: Secret China)


Gulangyu Island - people everywhere

This is what a really busy Gulangyu Island might look like. (Image: Secret China)


Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum - people everywhere

Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum. (Image: Secret China)


Water closets - even more people everywhere

The line waiting to use the wash cabin. (Image: Secret China)


Still want to be on the road for the golden week?

Still want to be on the road for the Golden Week? (Image: Secret China)

Translated research by Cecilia Kwan and Alan Cheung

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