Watch Passengers Give a Big Applause to This Baby Girl Born in the Air

Flight attendants assist in delivering the newborn baby girl. (Image: lapangbaba via Weibo)
Flight attendants assist in delivering the newborn baby girl. (Image: lapangbaba via Weibo)

It was truly a breathtaking experience. A pregnant woman gave birth on October 7 while on a flight with the help of the crew and, fortunately, a passenger who was also a doctor.

The China Airlines flight CI-008 from Taipei to Los Angeles took off at 11:50 PM CST from Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan. Its scheduled landing time was 8:35 PM PDT.

However, about six hours after take-off, a barely 32-week pregnant woman discovered her water had broken.

She asked for help and the crew then immediately broadcast, asking if there was any health-care professional among the passengers who could assist in delivering the newborn baby. Fortunately, there was a doctor on broad.

Watch how a Taiwanese woman delivers a baby mid-air:

In this video, later uploaded online by one of the passengers, you hear the baby cry for the first time, followed by a heartwarming moment when everyone on the plane applauds to welcome this little baby.

The flight attendant holding the baby was so touched, saying: “OMG, I feel like crying.”

Another flight attendant quickly reminded her to keep the newborn baby warm, saying: “Take some more blankets, clean blankets.”

Surrounded by several blankets, a seat on the plane became a small delivery room. All flight attendants around the baby and the mother were wearing masks and sterile gloves, hoping to create an aseptic environment, according to ETtoday.

Incredibly, the mother successfully gave birth to a baby girl while 25,000 feet up in the air.

The captain, therefore, decided to make an emergency landing in Anchorage, Alaska. The mother and baby were taken to a hospital for further observation and care.


Airport staff assist in taking the newborn baby off the plane to a hospital. (Image: sinaus via Weibo)

China Airlines emphasized that women with less than a 32-week pregnancy are considered as ordinary passengers. This passenger did inform the airline of her condition at check-in.

After an inquiry, it was confirmed that her pregnancy and health conditions conformed with the regulations, so they allowed her to get on the plane, according to Apple Daily.

It is always advised that pregnant passengers consult with a doctor before taking a flight.

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