This Only-In-China Insurance Is Not What You Can Imagine

This only-in-China insurance is a reflection of modern Chinese society. (Image:
This only-in-China insurance is a reflection of modern Chinese society. (Image:

Life insurance, auto insurance, travel insurance — there are so many different kinds of insurances worldwide, but definitely not this one.

The “helping-an-elderly-person-up insurance” has been launched in China recently to “protect any kind-hearted person from being defrauded after assisting an elderly person from a fall.”


‘Helping the elderly from a fall’ insurance. (Image: wangshuo58bj via Weibo)

With a 3 yuan (about US$0.47) premium, this insurance is guaranteed for one year with insurance claims up to 20,000 yuan (about US$3,145) of legal costs.

Designed and developed by Hua’an Property Insurance Co., Ltd, this product was released on the website with the slogan on its Weibo page: “If you dare to help, we dare to pay.” More than 50,000 applications had been made within just five days.


An old lady falls on the ground in China. (Image:

Tragic incidents, such as someone who was defrauded after helping elderly person, or no one dared to help an elderly person lying on the ground and the elderly person died, have occurred in China quite frequently in recent years. therefore introduced this special insurance tailor-made for the Chinese market.

Some bloggers say the company understands the market well. But at the same time, it is a sad reflection of modern Chinese society.

According to a survey by the China Youth Daily Social Investigation Center in December 2013, of the 139,010 respondents, 84.9% admitted that they had such “helping the elderly” fears; when seeing old people falling on the ground, only 5.4% will choose to offer help without hesitation, while 55.6% will leave.

Within the 147 “helping stranger” incidents by October 2015, 32 involved offenders claiming themselves to be the ones offering help and 84 involved defrauders intentionally lying on the ground, according to NTDTV.

But can our moral values be insured? A blogger joked:

Lie there for a while. Let me buy the insurance first.

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