Here’s an Easy DIY Gift You Can Make for Christmas

If you want to make a personal gift for Christmas, try this DIY idea. (Image:Pixabay/CCO Public Domain
If you want to make a personal gift for Christmas, try this DIY idea. (Image:Pixabay/CCO Public Domain

It’s only nine weeks till Christmas and, if you are like me, you haven’t even given Christmas shopping any thought. In fact, I avoid it till the last minute and then end up regretting it, having to do a last-minute dash.

If you want to avoid the crazy mania in the shopping centres, why not try making some gifts yourself at home? This way it gives a personal touch and you know they won’t be getting the same gift from someone else.

The video far below shows how to:

Make a beautiful and creative water-color coffee mug

The mug is perfect for the coffee/tea drinker in the family.

All you need is:

  • A ceramic mug
  • Two different colors of nail polish
  • Warm water
  • A toothpick
  • A plastic dish deep enough to dip your mug into and one you won’t use again

To make the water-color mug:

  1. Fill the container with warm water
  2. Pour a few drops of nail polish into the water first and then pour-in the second color, making sure you work fast otherwise the nail polish will dry too early
  3. Using the toothpick create a little design
  4. Then dip the mug into the nail polish, remove it and by then it will have the design on it
  5. Let the mug dry for two to three hours

Make sure you tell the person receiving the mug to not wash it in the dishwasher and to only hand wash it.

There you have it; you could use the Christmas colors of red, gold and green to make a water-color mug. Have fun creating different designs with different colors! I think I might make some this Christmas with my children.

If you are looking for other DIY gifts, iheartnaptime has 101 inexpensive gifts to make. They range from salsa to photo clock frames and candy cane sugar scrubs to homemade hand soaps.

Watch this video on how to make the water-color mug:

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