Yes! Somebody Has Finally Made U.S. Politics Hilarious

This is a sidesplitting version of highlights from CNN’s First Democratic Debate, and it nails it on so many levels.

It’s more than watchable; in fact, it’s laugh out loud funny. Yeah, pretty much the opposite of the real debate that was underwhelming, but that’s politics.

But if you did watch the real debate in mid-October, then that’ll just help you get more from this very funny parody.

What they do with the very left-leaning Senator Bernie Sanders, CNN’s Anderson Cooper, and the controversial Hilary Clinton is right on the money.

Just make sure you hang in there till the end of the video for Sander’s poem. It’s priceless.

The video was put together by the crew at Bad Lip Reading, who have a great YouTube following for similar work.

Below is one of their lampooning attempts of the First 2012 Presidential Debate:

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