Have You Heard of the Hakka Unicorn Dance and Kung Fu Carnival in Hong Kong?

    In late Oct. 2015, Hong Kong had its Culture Festival celebrated through the artifacts display and unicorn dance and kun fu performance. (Image: Monica Song)Different from the lion dance, which is more commonly known to us, the unicorn dance is part of the Chinese heritage of the Hakka Culture. (Image: Monica Song)The dancers are highly focused during the performance. (Image: Monica Song)In unicorn dance, the unicorn's head is moved in circular movement, from left to right and occasionally looking backwards. (Image: Monica Song)The unicorn bowed. (Image: Monica Song) The unicorn stood up again and ready to have another dance! (Image: Monica Song)The Here came a yellow unicorn. (Image: Monica Song)Like lion dance, unicorn dance requires good cooperation among dancers, especially in a posture like this. (Image: Monica Song)

    The unicorn has a history of over 2,500 years in China; the mythological creature symbolizes peace, prosperity, and cosmic harmony. The Hakka people perform the unicorn dance during festivals and celebrations.

    According to the Hong Kong Tourism Board, the Hakka Unicorn Dance is a folk art of traditional Chinese culture, which is now included in the Chinese national Intangible Cultural Heritage and Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage.

    It was wonderful to see the cultural heritage revived and enjoyed by families, and to see the fascination on their faces by the unicorn dance and martial arts.

    When performing unicorn dance, the players are using very low and high stances. (Image: Monica Song)

    When performing the unicorn dance, the dancers use very low and high stances. (Image: Monica Song)

    The Hakka Carnival included the unicorn dance, kung fu performances, unicorn-making and unicorn dance workshops. It also included an exhibition on Hakka unicorn and kung fu, featuring over 10 unique Hakka kung fu styles, making it an exciting event for the whole family.

    It is universally known that the unicorn is a super-natural being.

    It is said that the unicorn was used as a symbol of the highest ranks in the military during the Qing Dynasty.

    Unicorn dance at this year's Hong Kong Culture Festival. (Image: Monica Song)

    Unicorn dancers at this year’s Hong Kong culture festival. (Image: Monica Song)

    The unicorn dance is different from the lion dance; when performing the unicorn dance, the dancers use very low and high stances. The head of the unicorn moves in a circular motion from left to right and looking backwards, and also moves in little shaking movements. But as for the lion dance, the lion’s head shakes mostly up and down, and the dancers are high on their legs.

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