Watch This Touching Relay Race That Goes Beyond Victory and Defeat

Disabled student Zhi-Kai's dream came true when he successfully reached the finish line. (Image: Apple Daily)
Disabled student Zhi-Kai's dream came true when he successfully reached the finish line. (Image: Apple Daily)

For most high school students, the annual school sports meeting is the most important event. Among all the activities, the relay race is the most exciting, memorable, and is valued and taken seriously by students, teachers, and parents.

The relay race is often not just running, but a process of cooperation and communication, as a whole class spends time after class practicing and discussing some strategies together in order to win.

This special story is about the students of class 912 of New Taipei Municipal Guang Rong Junior High School in Taiwan, who always perform well in the sports competition.

They’ve almost won the first prize in the relay race, but have lost to the same class for the last two years. This Nov. 14 was the last time running a relay in junior high school for them as they are graduating. Therefore, their desire to win was even stronger.

This year, however, their teacher, Han-Yang Huang, asked that Zhi-Kai, who is disabled and usually sits aside watching others run, should be the last runner. He wanted the students to learn that there’s something more important in a sporting competition than victory or defeat.

You can imagine how difficult such a decision would be for these students who really wanted to win. There must have been some disagreement and displeasure among them; however, the class decided to accept.

Helping Zhi-Kai practice running was also challenging; it involved Zhi-Kai constantly falling down and standing up again.

Not only did the classmates practice with Zhi-Kai, but they decided that they would run even harder to be the leading team and widen the distance with the others, so Zhi-Kai could run confidently and securely.

On the day of the relay race, everyone tried really hard sprinting, so the class was 200 meters in front of other teams when Zhi-Kai received the baton. Despite still being overtaken by other teams, victory or defeat become something they didn’t really care about. All the classmates ran with him and Zhi-Kai successfully reached the finish line.

The students didn’t win first place, but their faces beamed with happy smiles. They hugged each other, and Zhi-Kai’s mom gave him a medal. This was the best graduation present for Zhi-Kai.

What the whole class gained is far more than what it gave up.

This precious race was recorded by teacher Huang. It has been shared by many bloggers after being uploaded online who were moved to tears by what these students did.

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