See Why This Irish Journalist Has Taken the Internet By Storm

Irish Journalist Teresa Mannion has become an Internet legend. (Image:   CNN via  Screenshot/YouTube)
Irish Journalist Teresa Mannion has become an Internet legend. (Image: CNN via Screenshot/YouTube)

Irish Journalist Teresa Mannion, from Raidió Teilifís Éireann (RTÉ), has found Internet fame after she gave a brave, but hilarious, live weather report during the middle of a storm.

Britain and Ireland have recently been belted about by Storm Desmond, but it didn’t perturb Mannion, who reported live about the stormy conditions in Galway, western Ireland, for Six One News.

Mannion spoke to the camera about how “treacherous” the conditions were, and appealed to the public not to make “unnecessary journeys.”

“Don’t take risks on treacherous roads,” Mannion said on air. “And don’t swim in the sea. Incredibly, people have been spotted in the water here in Blackrock and Salthill, both today and yesterday.”

News of Mannion’s daring and sidesplitting weather update went viral, and it even captured the attention of CNN, who did this report below:

While it was brave and stoic, Mannion’s determination to tell the weather also put a smile on many a face, and inspired a whole range of photoshopped tweets, such as the following:





Mannion has responded to the attention, and agreed that her report was hilarious, but also serious.

“I can totally see how it’s comedy gold, but you’ve got to walk in my shoes for a moment,” Mannion told RTÉ Radio 1.

‘I was in my own little storm bubble, and trying to do my job and deliver.’

“I know we’re having fun with it, and it is what it is,” she said. “But we went to that location to say it was really dangerous… It was very much about a public service.”

Since the report, Mannion said she gained 3,000 new followers on her Twitter account, and that she has been swarmed by kids wanting to have selfies taken with her.

“The kids just came from everywhere,” she said. “‘It’s the girl from Salthill! It’s the weather girl!’ I posed for about 100 selfies in Ballina.”

Below is Mannion’s favorite parody of her weather report — a rap mix by SUPER CÉILÍ:

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