This Fruit Can Help If You Have Insomnia

Wonderful and delicious, longan can be used to treat many health issues. (Image: Qwan718 via Compfight cc)
Wonderful and delicious, longan can be used to treat many health issues. (Image: Qwan718 via Compfight cc)

Longan is a wonderful and delicious fruit that can be used as a remedy for many health issues. People usually only eat longan as a snack, and often don’t know its valuable health benefits.

According to a senior Chinese medicine doctor, when a patient suffering from chronic insomnia visited him, instead of prescribing medicine, he asked the patient to go home, and drink water boiled with dried longan. After a short period of time, the patient’s insomnia was successfully cured.

Dried longan. (Image:

Dried longan. (Image:

Stress or fatigue

According to “The Book of Changes,” longan is the best remedy for when you are fatigued. Whenever I feel fatigued, burnt out, or over-stressed, I boil some water with longan, and drink it. Or I eat 20 to 30 pieces of dried longan; by doing so I feel instantly refreshed.

Drinking longan tea can drive away fatigue and refresh the brain. (Image: Secret China)

Drinking longan tea can help fight fatigue. (Image: Secret China)

Dizziness and headaches

Whilst studying Chinese medicine I found the remedy to cure my dizziness and headaches.

I peeled 30 pieces of dried longan, and then boiled them with the seeds for 20 minutes from when the water started boiling. I then took out the longan and seeds, let the water cool down, and drank it. In less than two hours I felt very refreshed. I then went out and bought a box of dried longan for use at home.

One winter afternoon, I caught a cold after washing my hair. I felt my head was heavy, but I didn’t mind it much as I thought that it wasn’t a big deal, and I could get over it soon. However, the next day the I was a lot worse. As usual, I grabbed a handful of dried longan, and boiled them with water. After drinking it I recovered quickly.

Longan can drive away winter cold from your body. (Photo Credit: oliver.dodd via Compfight cc)

Longan turns out to be a miraculous remedy for headaches and dizziness. (Image: oliver.dodd via Compfight cc)

Remedy for long-term insomnia

Many people may not know longan’s efficacy of treating insomnia. If you want to have sound sleep, please try one of the recipes below, and there is a recipe just for women’s health.

Try these longan recipes to relieve the long-term insomnia. (Image:

Try these longan recipes to relieve insomnia. (Image:

Boil the flesh of 10 pieces of longan along with two eggs, and some white sugar. Eat this soup before breakfast every morning. It will nourish your spleen and heart, benefits blood circulation, will also help you to having delicate skin, has anti-aging effects, and strengthens the immune system. It’s especially good for women.

Eating 10 pieces of longan before going to bed every day can help nourish the heart and calm the mind, as well as stop palpitations, and helps if you have insomnia.

Marinate 200 grams of longan flesh in 500 ml of white sorghum liquor for a month. Drinking 15 ml of this before going to bed every day can help recuperate from fatigue, as well as relieve stress, and calm the mind.

Add 30 pieces of longan flesh, 10 pieces of red dates, 100 grams of rice, and a small amount of brown sugar to some water, and boil. This will make 2 bowls of porridge. Eating one bowl in the morning and then one in the evening every day will nourish the spleen, cleanse the blood, nourish the heart, and clear the mind. It’s especially good for the elderly.

The writer of this story is not a medical professional, and the information that is in this story has been collected from reliable sources — and every precaution has been taken to ensure its accuracy. The information provided is for general information purposes only, and should not be substituted for professional health care.

Translated research by Billy Shyu and Kathy McWilliams

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