Why Actor Kurt Russell Is a ‘Hardcore’ Libertarian

Kurt Russell is a rarity in Hollywood - he’s a libertarian. (Image: The View on ABC via Screenshot/YouTube)
Kurt Russell is a rarity in Hollywood - he’s a libertarian. (Image: The View on ABC via Screenshot/YouTube)

Back in 1997, actor Kurt Russell was quoted by the Toronto Sun as saying: “I was brought up as a Republican, but when I realized that at the end of the day there wasn’t much difference between a Democrat and Republican, I became a libertarian.”

According to the Merriam Webster a libertarian is:

  • An advocate of the doctrine of free will.
  • A person who upholds the principles of individual liberty especially of thought and action.

For more, see this two minute video from Learn Liberty where Harvard’s Dr. Jeffrey Miron defines what it means to be a libertarian:

But, back to Russell who is currently promoting his upcoming role in Quentin Tarantino’s film The Hateful Eight. For decades Russell has been working in an industry that is politically more progressive and pro-gun control, and he often doesn’t talk about his political beliefs. But, they got a mention in an interview he did with The Daily Beast.

Russell told The Daily Beast:

The above answers were given after 64-year-old Russell talked about how another reporter hounded him during a now infamous discussion about gun control, which you can listen to here in a YouTube post by Robert Kraychik:


In The Daily Beast interview, Russell went on to say that as a young guy he didn’t buy into the predominant political culture, and instead researched what America’s Foundering Fathers were all about, and through that he discovered libertarianism.

Russell, who played Snake Plissken in the cult movie Escape From New York, went on to tell The Daily Beast that he believes in a limited Constitutional government and free market capitalism.

See Kurt Russell talk on The View on ABC  about the gun control interviews, and on actors getting political:

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