These Nine Pictograms Break Down Gender Stereotypes in Daily Life

Designer Yang Liu has broken down gender stereotypes into fun pictograms. (Image: Secret China)

Even though it seems in this day and age men and women are relatively equal, and share equal roles, there are still some very clear stereotypes.

German-born designer Yang Liu, playfully shows this in her book titled, Man meets Woman. The stereotypes she depicts are funny — mainly because they are true, and people can relate to them.

“As a working wife and mother, I am compelled to realize time and time again how many minor and major differences exist between men and women, despite today’s ongoing debate on the subject, and the constant redefinition of male and female roles,” she writes.

“Many of these differences arise out of traditional gender models, and are dictated by social and professional structures,” Liu says.


If men occasionally do housework, they will be hailed as the modern super-husband.

Whereas women are still considered housewives, and are supposed to do all the housework.


When traveling, men will pack within a few minutes, and only take what they need.

Women, on the other hand, will carefully plan what they will wear each day, and pack as if they are moving.

Work capability

Men deal with things step by step, and one at the time.

Women are considered to be multi-tasking experts.


Men are confident about their bodies, even if they had a beer belly they would still view themselves as slender.

Women are never satisfied with their body image. If they had plastic surgery on their nose, they would worry about their chin. When women look in the mirror they can only see themselves as fat or bloated, even though they may be quite slim.

The most powerful weapon

For men, it’s silence.

For women, it’s tears.

Goals for each stage of life

A woman’s goal from ages 15-60 is to have the perfect body.

However, a man’s goal is always changing, and their hearts are filled with endless ambitions.

Phone conversations

The difference between how men and women talk on the phone.

Mysterious supplies of men and women

A man cannot name even one of a woman’s cosmetic correctly.

A woman wonders why men need so many screws and screw drivers, and why there are so many different sizes.


Men have the mindset that they are born to win at the starting line.

Women will encounter a glass ceiling, which, according to about education, is a metaphor for the hard-to-see informal barriers that keep women from getting promotions, pay raises and further opportunities.

It is glass because it’s not usually a visible barrier, and a woman may not be aware of its existence until she “hits” the barrier.


Can you relate to any of these in your life?

Research by Monica Song

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