Words of Wisdom to Improve Your Life

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Follow these words of wisdom to improve your life. (Image: TanteTati via Pixabay/CC0 1.0)

If you haven’t started your New Year on the right foot, here are some words of wisdom that could put you on the right path.

Learn to give

Do not expect someone to give you any financial help, for no one has enough of it.

Learn to understand

If your friend can give you a helping hand, he is kind. If your friend cannot help you, that is not wrong, so don’t bear grudge because no one owes you anything.

Learn to be strong

Try to remember that no one has to help you when you need it, and you can only depend on yourself, so be independent, strong, and happy. You must form a common destiny with yourself.

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Be independent, strong, and happy. (Image: rehood via Pixabay/CC0 1.0)

Learn to tell the difference

Don’t make friends based on their bank accounts. If he is a billionaire, who has nothing to do with you, you don’t want to be his lap dog. If he has nothing, he may be able to share with you his last hamburger.

Learn self respect

Don’t alienate your spiritually rich friend. Your wealthy friends can wine and dine you, but your spiritually rich friend can run and laugh with you like a fool.


Respect yourself. (Image: FDUNSW)

Learn to cherish

You can believe that love is everlasting, but it only belongs to fairy tales, such as Romeo and Juliet. They, however, did not live long, and we have to live a long time.

Learn to shoulder responsibilities

No matter why you get married, if you have children, you have to love this home; no matter how cold and how inadequate it is, you have an obligation to make it warm and cozy, because you are a parent!

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Take care of your family. (Image: jill111 via Pixabay/CC0 1.0)

Learn to grow

Your youth may fleet, and your face may wrinkle. But let life be your journey of growth and maturity like a pearl in a clam.

Learn to let go

Do not get too attached, for there are a lot of disappointments in life; the world will not cater to us and the earth does not revolve around us. We were naked when come into this world, and can’t take much with us when we leave.


Translated research by Monica Song and Alan C.

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