A Touching Story About a Garbage Collector

Everyone has a story even if they are just a garbage collector. (Image: Kanzhongguo)
Everyone has a story even if they are just a garbage collector. (Image: Kanzhongguo)

Hang Zhou Library changed its policy last year, opening its doors to garbage collectors, and the homeless on the condition that they washed their hands before entering.

One of the first people to take advantage of this new policy was an old man who had been a garbage collector for many years; he was determined to read newspapers and learn about the world. Many netizens admired his determination to obtain knowledge.

Sadly, he didn’t get to fulfill his dream — he was hit by a taxi and killed while crossing the street. But what he left behind came as a shock to everyone.

His name was Wei Si-Hao and he was from Hangzhou. Wei Si-Hao graduated from Zhejiang University where he majored in Chinese, and went on to become a high school teacher. He had retired from being a teacher and received a monthly pension of more than 5,000 yuan, which should have provided him with a comfortable retirement. But Wei was poor and had to collect garbage to make a living.

He did not leave any money behind when he died, but he left some things that were priceless. Wei lived in a simple house that had been given to him long ago, where he had a bed, a small lamp, and nothing else.

He lived a very frugal existence and gave all that he sacrificed, along with all of his love, to suffering children. As well as material sacrifices, he had signed papers stating that he wished to donate his organs, ten years before his death.

He used to wear a muddy pair of white sneakers and carried a bamboo stick with plastic bags full of bottles and jars. He looked like a lonely man wandering on the margins of life, but his soul was pure and knew the true meaning of love.

We are grateful to have had such a lovely old man who used his life to warm the world.

Translated research by Monica Song and Yi Ming.

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