How Do Hong Kongers Celebrate Chinese New Year? Hint: Flowers

    We all like flowers, but for the people of Hong Kong flowers mean so much more. Especially on Chinese New Year’s Day, since giving flowers and potted plants as gifts is a very important tradition.

    Every year, lots of flower markets are held in different districts in Hong Kong for Chinese New Year. One of the most popular markets is in Victoria Park in Causeway Bay, which is a temporary market starting from February 2 – 8.

    Just like every flower has its own special meaning, some flowers and plants are particularly favored by Hong Kongers because they are considered auspicious, and thought to bring good Fengshui.

    Here are some popular plants that you will see at all flower markets. Hong Kongers usually use them to decorate their homes, offices, or even shopping malls.

    Lucky bamboo

    Lucky bamboo is commonly used in Fengshui, and stands for a “happy home.” It’s also called Fu Gwey Zhu. Zhu means bamboo, and Fu and Gwey refer to fortune, power, and honor. If you put it in your office it will bring luck to your business!

    flower market

    Lucky bamboo brings luck to your business and family. (Image: Jenny Wu)


    Orchids are one of the most popular flowers at the markets because of their beauty, fragrance, and auspicious meaning for nobility and wealth.

    flower market

    Orchids are specially favored because of their beauty, fragrance, and auspicious meaning of nobility and wealth. (Image: Jenny Wu)

    Mandarin trees

    Mandarin trees, or golden orange trees, are a symbol of prosperity and fortune. It’s quite popular to put a golden orange tree at one’s home or office, not only because it is a beautiful decoration, but also because it brings fortune.

    flower market

    It’s very popular to put a mandarin tree in the office because it’s a symbol of fortune and prosperity, and people hope their business can thrive, just like the tree. (Image: Jenny Wu)

    Peach blossoms

    Peach blossoms represent romance, love, good luck, and the promise of new life as they bloom in spring. They are very common at New Year flower markets.

    flower market

    A peach tree with red packets, surrounded by mandarin trees brings people fortune, luck, and love. (Image: Jenny Wu)

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