This Young Couple Died Holding Each Other During the Taiwan Earthquake

The young couple's bodies were found in the wreckage of the Wei-Guan Golden Dragon building. (Image:
The young couple's bodies were found in the wreckage of the Wei-Guan Golden Dragon building. (Image:

It is already the fifth day of the rescue since the earthquake that shook southern Taiwan. Yesterday, the rescue team found nine bodies in the collapsed Wei-Guan Golden Dragon building. Among them was a young couple who died, holding each other tightly.


The rescue team using an excavator to remove layers of debris of the collapsed apartment complex. (Image:

When their bodies were discovered, the young man was face down, shoulders arched, and holding his girlfriend in both arms tightly. The girl was laying her head against the young man’s chest, and was well covered by his body.

At the moment of death, the young man’s first response was to protect his girlfriend from the falling beams and pebbles. Unfortunately, they both didn’t survive the earthquake.

The girl's mother was crying on the earthquake site. (Image:

The girl’s mother crying at the earthquake site. (Image:

Because the young man was holding his girlfriend so tightly, the rescue workers were not able to separate them at first. The workers cried, and said to the brave young man holding his girlfriend: “You’ve already done your best to protect her.”

The young man, Meng-Jia Cai, and the girl, Ruo-Sin Huang, were both students at Kunshan University in Taiwan. According to statistics from Taiwan‘s Ministry of Education, about 17 students were killed in the earthquake. The rescue workers spent two hours retrieving bodies, according to Sina News.

On Monday Feb 15, the Taiwanese people will mourn the people who died by flying half-mast flags.

A photo of the couple holding each other's hand. (Image: Facebook)

A photo of the couple holding each other’s hand. (Image: Facebook)

The young couple’s friends said they had a very good relationship. A few years ago whilst on vacation together, Cai posted a photo of Huang and him holding hands on his Facebook page, he wrote: “If I hold your hand, I also hope I can hold it for life.”

At the time, their friends joked that they were too showy about their sweet love. But, looking at this old photo now is just heartbreaking.

Cai did indeed keep his commitment to holding onto Huang’s hand for life.

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