These 28 Household and Beauty Tips Will Make Your Life Easier

Some helpful tips for your house and your health. (Image: Unsplash via Pixabay/CC0 1.0 )
Some helpful tips for your house and your health. (Image: Unsplash via Pixabay/CC0 1.0 )

Below are some environmentally friendly household and beauty tips that will save you money and are good for the environment.

1. Applying white wine to new shoes can stop them from rubbing against your feet.

2. Gently massaging the sides of your nose with table salt after washing your face can help to eliminate acne and reduce enlarged pores.

3. Soaking new jeans in highly concentrated salt water for 12 hours and then rinsing can prevent them from fading. This tip can also be used to prevent brightly colored clothes from fading.

4. Massaging your face with bean curd for a few minutes first thing in the morning for a month can help to smooth and moisturize your skin.

5. Steep some fresh ginger in boiled water for ten minutes, then soak white vests in the cooled tea to remove stains.

6. If you scroll a wrinkled tie around a beer bottle overnight, the wrinkles will be gone in the morning — no need to iron.

7. Soaking a hot glass in cold water with a handful of salt added can cool the glass down more quickly than water alone.

8. Adding some vinegar to the washing cycle when washing dark fabrics can help prevent fading.

9. Putting old white sweaters in the freezer for an hour, and then air drying them can help to restore their original color.

10. Putting a silk scarf on your pillow before bed can help your hair to stay neat and well-groomed overnight.

11. You can eliminate bad foot odor by adding tea leaves to shoes or soaking your feet in warm water with tea leaves.

12. Washing your hair with a little salt water can prevent hair loss.

13. Washing your hair with some virgin olive oil can make hair look more beautiful.

14. Washing your hair with vinegar can make it smooth and help to eliminate dandruff. It’s particularly good for hair after coloring or a perm.

15. Brushing teeth with a little baking soda is excellent for whitening teeth and removing plaque.

16. Putting a small piece of fresh orange peel in your mouth for ten minutes before going to bed can cure both snoring and teeth grinding.

17. Putting white radish peel on your temples for 20 minutes every night can cure migraine headaches.

18. Putting a sliced stalk of green onion next to your pillow can cure insomnia.

19. Applying a face mask made of egg white every night for an hour can make skin smooth and shiny.

20. Opening your mouth while applying eye drops can help stop you blinking.

21. Closing your eyes and coughing hard can help to get dust out of your eyes.

22. Applying liquid soap to mosquito bites can relieve the itching.

23. Eating watermelon with salt at night can relieve inflammation of the throat and gums.

24. Eating peanuts after eating smelly foods like garlic can help get rid of bad breath.

25. Adding a tspn of sugar to the water of a vase of flowers can extend their life.

26. Applying sliced potato under your eyes can help to reduce dark circles; this is especially effective at night time.

27. Soaking feet in salt water can help get rid of excessive foot perspiration in summer.

28. Soaking hands in a solution of water and vinegar can soften and smooth the skin.

Translated by Billy Shyu, Joshua Shih and Kathy McWilliams

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