Who Says Grandmas Can’t Be Cool?

Xiyu and her 80-year-old grandma dressed like boxers. (Image: Xiyu via Weibo.com)
Xiyu and her 80-year-old grandma dressed like boxers. (Image: Xiyu via Weibo.com)

In the Chinese movie 20 Once Again, a 70-year-old grandma was taking her funeral photo in a photography studio — which had an interesting name called “Youth Studio” — where she magically turned back into a 20-year-old woman, regaining her young and beautiful appearance.

The grandma seized this chance to re-live her youth and even joined her grandson’s band… This romantic comedy would never happen, but a Chinese girl has taken the inspiring idea from this movie, and took pictures of her 80-year-old grandma, and dressed her the way the younger people do today.

Grandma in boxing gloves, wearing cap backwards. (Image: Weibo.com/ Photography by Xiyu)

Grandma in boxing gloves, wearing her hat backwards. (Image: Xiyu via Weibo.com)


Let’s smile. (Image: Xiyu via Weibo.com)

Grandma was going to have speech. (Image: Weibo.com /Photography by Xiyu)

Grandma going to give a speech. (Image: Xiyu via Weibo.com)

Suits, neckties, sunglasses, and hats. Two Shanghai gentlemen from last century. (Image: Weibo.com/ Photography by Xiyu)

Suits, neckties, sunglasses, long scarves, and cool hats. Two Shanghai gentlemen from last century. (Image: Xiyu via Weibo.com)

This 80-year-old granny tried different styles in these photos: red workout jackets, witch’s hat, sunglasses, suits and necktie… See, grandmas can be really cool and fashionable like younger girls!

Since these photos have been posted on the Chinese social media Weibo, they have received over 10 thousand thumbs up. Many users have expressed their great love of the photos, and blessings of longevity to the grandma.


Happy nerds from Hogwarts. (Image: Xiyu via Weibo.com)


Grandma holding her magic wand. (Image: Xiyu via Weibo.com)

Xiyu, a young girl in her twenties from Sichuan Province created these photos. She told Huaxi News that during the Chinese New Year she wanted her grandma to have some fun and experience something new. With her husband’s assistance, Xiyu successfully took these photos for her grandma.

And as soon as the photos came out, Xiyu thought they were perfect! The couple plans to hang up the photos on the wall of her grandma’s home, so that she can see them at any time, and remember the fun.

Grandma with lollipops. (Image: Weibo.com /Photography by Xiyu)

Grandma with lollipops. (Image: Xiyu via Weibo.com)


Cute and funny afro. (Image: Xiyu via Weibo.com)

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